FANCENTRIC - Return to Work, Play and Spectate


February 16, 2021 Ross W. Halliday Season 1 Episode 2
FANCENTRIC - Return to Work, Play and Spectate
Show Notes


 Xperience, an IIFX technology network of enterprises and startups is producing a COVID-19 Return to Work, Play and Spectate Tech Talk Series. This is the second episode of the Innovation Institute for Fan Experience's (IIFX) COVID-TECH Playbook series.  Dr. Lou Marciani, the IIFX Director and the host of Dr. Lou's Views, welcomes Kyle Hopkins, Vice President of Business Development for VOS Systems LLC.

 As we move into 2021, sports and entertainment organizations will prepare to reset/restart/reopen to fans. The process of opening a venue and delivering a live sports/entertainment experience has never been more difficult. Not only must venue operators meet medical and government requirements to ensure safety, while maintaining a security posture, they must also convince skeptical fans that after watching sports and entertainment events from their homes during the pandemic, the in-venue experience is worth it. 

COVID Tech Playbook is a forum for technology companies who are delivering real solutions to helps sports and entertainment organizations in the COVID-19 Return to Work, Play, and Spectate. Technology provides some of the most important tools in the toolkit to help the sports and entertainment industry manage risk, signal they are ready to their staff and fans, reopen their doors, and deliver memory making experiences.  AlertTrace provides automated contact tracing services using wearable devices to help mitigate the spread of infectious disease by helping determine when someone has had close contact with an infected person and ensuring compliance with social distancing requirements.



 Is your organization having trouble following CDC guidelines? Manual contact tracing is not accurate, contacts can be easily missed or forgotten, and social distancing can be hard to enforce in the workplace.

 AlertTrace is a sophisticated and affordable contact tracing solution that offers a unified approach in ensuring all your bases are covered. With zero tracking or GPS capabilities, user-friendly software, and encrypted and secured anonymous data for maximum privacy protection, AlertTrace technology assists you in keeping your employees safe and your organization in operation.

How It Works (From the AlertTrace website)


Unique ID’s are used to match employees to an AlertTrace wearable. Wearables are then deployed to the workforce – much like ID badges.


AlertTrace wearables, using real-time measurements, capture “contacts” when within a specific distance of another wearable. AlertTrace captures the contact with full data security and protection of personal privacy.


Critical contact data is viewable on our analytics dashboard. This platform can be used to quickly trace the contact history of positive cases of infection to alert those most at risk.

HOST: Kyle Hopkins, Vice President of Business Development , VOS Systems LLC

Music by: Volodymyr Piddubnyk (Epic Awards Ceremony Opening Fanfare), available on Storyblocks.