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IIFX COVID Tech Playbook - Venue Twin by OnePlan

March 26, 2021 Ross W. Halliday and Christopher J. Kinnan Season 2 Episode 6
FANCENTRIC - Work. Play. Spectate.
IIFX COVID Tech Playbook - Venue Twin by OnePlan
Show Notes


Venue Twin is the world’s most advanced 3D solution for stadiums and arenas. It opens new operational and commercial opportunities for venue owners, by creating a fully interactive 3D version of sports and entertainment venues.

Plan any event at your venue in real-time, easily and accurately moving any infrastructure, staff or any item to the exact place you need it to be, on any floor level. You can run customer walk-throughs remotely with incredible detail.

For fans considering buying tickets, Venue Twin has the most advanced 3D Seat View, even showing fans their route though the venue – ideal for families and fans with disabilities. While for sponsors and advertisers, Venue Twin enables corporate partners to plan and design their client hospitality with the fully interactive 3D Suite View. These are just some of the numerous commercial opportunities that our ground-breaking 3D Venue Twin technology provides.

Venue Twin has been developed by OnePlan, the world’s leading event planning platform.

Join Dr. Lou Marciani, the Director and Co-Founder of IIFX, Paul Foster, Founder of OnePlan, and Jason Fesyk, Supervisor of Stadium Major Events at Commonwealth Stadium at City of Edmonton, as they discuss how Venue Twin by OnePlan can help venue and event managers, sponsors, and other organizations with equities can plan and visualize sports and entertainment events of any size.


A Live Webinar Series – The Latest Innovative TECHnology Powering a Confident Return to Live Events.

Xperience, an IIFX technology network of enterprises and startups is producing a COVID-19 Return to Work, Play and Spectate Tech Talk Series. As we move into 2021, sports and entertainment organizations will prepare to reset/restart/reopen to fans. The process of opening a venue and delivering a live sports/entertainment experience has never been more difficult. Not only must venue operators meet medical and government requirements to ensure safety, while maintaining a security posture, they must also convince skeptical fans that the in-venue experience is worth it.

The Tech Talk Series will provide insight how these products may affect and assist your organization in the COVID-19 Return to Work, Play and Spectate. Technology provides some of the most important tools in the toolkit to help the sports and entertainment industry manage risk, signal they are ready to their staff and fans, reopen their doors, and deliver memory making experiences.

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