FANCENTRIC - Return to Work, Play and Spectate

IIFX COVID TECH Playbook - MASHGIN - COVID Concessions – How Stadiums Can Adapt

April 18, 2021 Ross W. Halliday and Christopher J. Kinnan Season 2 Episode 13
FANCENTRIC - Return to Work, Play and Spectate
IIFX COVID TECH Playbook - MASHGIN - COVID Concessions – How Stadiums Can Adapt
Show Notes


COVID Concessions – How Stadiums Can Adapt

Learn how top stadiums have adapted their concessions experience for COVID, the lessons they learned, and what it means for the future.

Mashgin provides a completely touchless self-checkout solution for sports stadiums. Utilizing computer vision, Mashgin rings up an entire tray of items at once without the need for barcodes – resulting in transactions up to 4x faster than cashiers. Stadiums that deploy Mashgin have seen their concessions throughput double and increased concessions sales as much as 34%.

Featured Speakers:

Alicia Woznicki, VP, Design & Development for Sports & Entertainment at Aramark

Taryn Donovan, Senior Director of Venue Services for the Mets

Jack Hogan, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Mashgin

Notable Quotables

- (ORACLE)  82% of people who use to attend live events say they miss the experience.

- (ORACLE)  85% are excited about return to stadium food food.

-   (ORACLE) Providing self service options to fans makes attendees feel in control of their experience and creates a lasting impact beyond the event itself. They will play a huge role in boosting stadium attendance in the coming year.

-  (Taryn) In the last year, we've had to completely reimagine the fan experience.

-  (Taryn) A lot of the changes that we've made on the concession side are venues completely cashless.

-  (Taryn) The goal is always to speed up transaction times while still providing a great guest experience.

-  (Alicia) App engagement and teams are really trying to build that 360 frictionless experience from the time you leave your house, to the time you get  to your house, making sure that every everything can be done kind of through your phone through your app...

-  (Taryn) One of the biggest things for us is been the change to everything running through the MLB ballpark app, no more printed tickets, no more paper tickets...

-  (Taryn) Our goal is contactless from the time that you park or cashless in parking to need to go to the box office to make a purchase for cashless there, your phone, use your phone to scan your tickets, and then you're inside the ballpark. You can order food beverage, we do retail order mobile ordering, you can you know pick it up, you never have to really interact with a staff member.

-  (Alicia) We've built three different concepts around Mashgin technology, a "Fan Favorites Express" model, which is really traditional, classic, core menu items. You can grab off of a hotline, and people just kind of kind of queue up grab their own food, they have a much larger beverage variety, and then they can put everything down at once and check out themselves. And we have seen where we've implemented this concept a much higher throughput number and a higher sales volume.

-  (Taryn) We first started with Mashgin technology, and in 2019, we only had them at walk through through locations. And this year, we just put them in our "Delta Marketplace," which is more of a general concessions for our seats right behind home plate. And I have heard so much great feedback.

- (Alicia) The challenge for us is how do we continue to meet these new expectations that fans who have been out have seen just in stadiums and in the greater marketplace, they want to be treated like a VIP, to get a much more personalized, convenient experience than you did before.

-  (Alicia) When people shop on their own, we're seeing a 20% increase in average check, because they don't have that pressure of the line behind them or getting up there and having to make a decision.