FANCENTRIC - The Fan Journey is the Experience!

Session 6 - Dealing with Mental and Emotional Health Issues

July 09, 2021 Ross W. Halliday and Christopher J. Kinnan Season 3 Episode 6
FANCENTRIC - The Fan Journey is the Experience!
Session 6 - Dealing with Mental and Emotional Health Issues
Show Notes


Session 6

The Innovation Institute for Fan Experience (IIFX) and Campus Safety hosted a National One Day Virtual Summit: Preparing for the Return of Interscholastic Athletics and After School Activities.

The virtual summit featured an impressive array of diverse professionals in high school activities and interscholastic athletics and other agencies focusing on the preparation for the return of interscholastic athletics and after school activities. They focused on the common challenges of adapting and innovating health safety, security, operations, and management into a possible new management paradigm.

The Summit agenda brought together thought leaders, decision-makers, and innovators to address critical issues for reopening their school activities and interscholastic athletic events in the fall of 2021. Leading practitioners presented the most pressing challenges and provided first -hand observations and best practices.


Dr. Lou Marciani, Director and Co-Founder of IIFX


Glenzetta Hall, Professional Counselor (LPC)

Debbie Grace, School Psychologist

Dr. Til. Jolly, Chief Medical Officer, Aveshka, Inc. and Chair, Medical Advisory Board, IIFX

About the Innovation Institute for Fan Experience

The Innovation Institute for Fan Experience (IIFX) was founded in 2020. IIFX’s vision is to be the leading and most trusted global authority on providing exceptional, memory-making fan experiences for the sports and entertainment industry. The Institute focuses on the fan journey and creating the ideal fan experience for its member organizations, one that results in increased revenue, sustainable growth, operational efficiency, a diversified workforce, new and repeat attendance, and maximized health, safety, and security through best practices, innovative technology solutions, and high-quality services. IIFX produces content and events and facilitates dialogue and collaboration around its core areas of expertise.