FANCENTRIC - The Fan Journey is the Experience!

What's Going on With Fan Behavior? Challenges and Solutions

January 04, 2022 Christopher J. Kinnan Season 2021 Episode 0
FANCENTRIC - The Fan Journey is the Experience!
What's Going on With Fan Behavior? Challenges and Solutions
Show Notes


Recorded on 15 December 2021

On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, the Innovation Institute for Fan Experience (IIFX) hosted a Virtual Town Hall titled “What is Going on with Fan Behavior? Challenges and Solutions.” Leading executives who are successfully producing live events answered questions posed by those attending the event, sharing their insights and some of their best processes and technology practices.

Watch the video to learn how they are creating a safe and secure experience resulting in increased fan participation and revenue. 

The Virtual Town Hall event is sponsored by Respondology, a company of 20+ year digital veterans dedicated to making a positive impact through technology by “doing something about the hate and damage produced by people hiding behind the anonymity of social media.”

Fan-related incidents at the Astroworld Festival, EUROS 2020, and a myriad of college and professional sporting events is challenging the best event plans.

The town hall is part of IIFX's FANCENTRIC series of podcasts and forums.  FANCENTRIC productions feature visionary industry thought leaders, advanced practitioners, academics, authors, technologists, and fans from around the world.

The Virtual Town Hall panel included:

Sean Patterson, Assistant Chief of Police, University of Tennessee

Jim Mercurio, Executive Vice President and GM, San Francisco 49ers/Levi Stadium; IIFX Distinguished Fellow

Professor Chris Kemp, CEO of Mind Over Matter Consultancy Ltd and IIFX Advisor

Vince DiGennaro, Director of Strategic Accounts, BEST Crowd Management

Shaun West, Associate Vice President and Head of Team and Arena Security, Nation Basketball Association

Mario Coutinho, President of the Stadium Managers Association; Vice President of Stadium Operations and Security, Toronto Blue Jays; IIFX Distinguished Fellow

Eileen Williams, Safety Officer, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium; IIFX Distinguished Fellow

Timothy Frederick, Police Sergeant, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Events Planning Section

Lou Barani, Global Terrorism Risk Consultant, AIG

Mark McCourt, author of “Snow Day: Lessons in Leadership and Resilience from Crisis and Mass Casualty Events“ moderated the virtual town hall.

About the Innovation Institute for Fan Experience

The Innovation Institute for Fan Experience (IIFX) was founded in 2020. IIFX’s vision is to be the leading and most trusted global authority on providing exceptional, memory-making fan experiences for the sports and entertainment industry. The Institute focuses on the fan journey and creating the ideal fan experience for its member organizations, one that results in increased revenue, sustainable growth, operational efficiency, a diversified workforce, new and repeat attendance, and maximized health, safety, and security through best practices, innovative technology solutions, and high-quality services. IIFX produces content and events and facilitates dialogue and collaboration around its core areas of expertise.