Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing

Episode 2: Chris Morrissey- Producer, Director, Marketer Extraordinaire

October 26, 2020 Chris Morrissey Season 1 Episode 2
Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing
Episode 2: Chris Morrissey- Producer, Director, Marketer Extraordinaire
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Cats (the musical), letters written by 7 year olds, party planning and…Liam Neeson?!


This week, we look at the career trajectory of a very talented fellow, Chris Morrissey. We take a gander at the ups and downs of being a young artist, from “knowing what you want to be when you grow up” to surviving a career in the arts in New York City. Chris explains the art of balancing a demanding, high profile marketing job, to creating his own content, and differentiation “professional growth” from “creative growth.” Here’s a little more on Chris:

CHRIS MORRISSEY is a NYC-based live entertainment and digital media content producer, director and marketer. In each of these roles, Chris is dedicated to cultivating experiences that engage communities and ignite conversation. 


Chris is currently the Creative Manager at Marathon Digital, a social media and digital content company representing live entertainment clients including Hamilton, Hadestown, Ain’t Too Proud, Slave Play, Freestyle Love Supreme, Lea Salonga, Center Theatre Group, Atlantic Theater Company and numerous other Broadway shows, companies and influencers. Prior to joining Marathon, Chris served as the Manager of Events & Strategic Partnerships for Tony Award-winning producer Ken Davenport (Once On This Island, 2018 Tony Award for Best Revival).


Chris has directed & produced numerous new plays and cabarets across New York including shows at Joe’s Pub, The NYC Fringe Festival, Feinstein’s / 54 Below, New Wave Theatre Collective, NY Short Play Fest and many others. He is a director and co-producer of the award-winning gay web series Queen's English. 


Chris was a teaching artist and assistant director at Northwestern University’s National High School Institute (Cherubs). He has been an adjudicator for Paper Mill Playhouse's Rising Star Awards and a script reader for New Dramatists. Chris is a graduate of the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) with a BFA in Musical Theatre and Public Relations Certification from the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences. Proud recipient of the Lehman Engel Award. 



Links from our episode: 

Chris’s Website:  https://www.chrismorrisseycreates.com/

 Queen’s English Website:  https://www.queensenglishtv.com/

Queen’s English Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCInBPS5kXGuvufm4Gb0qg3A



If you wanted to know what the heck Sarah was talking about with female hormones/cycles, here’s what she was referring to:  

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