Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing

Episode 20: Leeza Ali-Composition, DYW, motherhood and following your dream, your way

March 29, 2021 Leeza Ali Season 1 Episode 20
Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing
Episode 20: Leeza Ali-Composition, DYW, motherhood and following your dream, your way
Show Notes

Leeza is a pianist and composer from Minnesota who was featured on the Emmy-award winning program “From the Top, Live at Carnegie Hall” – a PBS TV show that celebrates the passion of classical musicians in America. She had an unusual childhood; barely able to reach the pedals, she soloed with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and performed as a concert pianist with the St. Paul City Ballet.

In her teens, Leeza played Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto No. 1 with the Minnesota Orchestra as the winner of “Minnesota Idol.” And, as the winner of the Young Artists’ World Piano Festival Concerto Competition, she soloed with the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra.

Leeza believes in the power of music to cause change. She spearheaded a concert series that raised over $24,000 to build schools for girls in Afghanistan and wrote about her experience on an NPR Blog. She is always looking for new opportunities to perform or write music for causes that uplift women or minorities.

Leeza studied Psychology and Music Composition at Yale – inspired by film music and John Williams, her original compositions for classical ensembles and musical theater premiered at the Off-Broadway Theater & the prestigious Beinecke Concert Series.

Since graduating 4 years ago, Leeza has worked full-time at 3M and loves being part of a company that nurtures creativity and is at the forefront of scientific discovery. Outside of work, Leeza enjoys serving as a volunteer and Judge for the Distinguished Young Women of Minnesota (DYW) program. Leeza and her husband recently moved into their first home and love cooking spicy food, watching British period dramas, and living the quiet Minnesotan life.  

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Performance Highlights - Links

"Athena" by Leeza Ali - at DYW Finals Show

"Dear Dad" Piano Composition by Leeza Ali

Fabulous Ali Sisters - Performance at America's Junior Miss Finals

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