Big Locals Podcast

Ryan Nicholson and Hashtag Colorado Life

November 24, 2020 Ian Jimeno Season 1 Episode 6
Big Locals Podcast
Ryan Nicholson and Hashtag Colorado Life
Show Notes

The dream-team of Ryan Nicholson and Carrie Smith, hosts of the @hashtagcoloradolife, shed light on the wondrous state that is Colorado in this episode of @biglocalspodcast. Hashtag Colorado Life (HCL) is a travel blog/podcast that features some of the greatest events, historical nuggets, and local businesses for the newcomers and residences of Colorado alike. Throughout each episode of the HCL podcast, Ryan and Carrie have a great chemistry that makes you feel like you’ve known them for years, and the amount of research and effort they put into each episode will have you binging their whole podcast library.

The conversation with Ryan delves into much more than the podcast itself. We also talk about the influx of transplants in Colorado, the “keep it wild” mentality, and the effects of COVID in this unprecedented winter season. This episode is a little off the beaten path where we talk about some local businesses outside of Denver, but nonetheless, we’re here to help out those business’ voices that should be louder. Be sure to SHOP LOCAL during this holiday season! I know I will.

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Hashtag Colorado Life

And the HCL book -

SALUS - Manitou Springs

Wayfinder Coffee

Java Punk

Brother’s Barbecue

Moe’s Barbecue

Upslope Brewing Company

Piglatin Cocina

Cate’s Pet Food


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