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Kate & Zoe and Moon Raccoon Baking Company - S01E08

December 08, 2020 Ian Jimeno Season 1 Episode 8
Big Locals Podcast
Kate & Zoe and Moon Raccoon Baking Company - S01E08
Show Notes

Moon Raccoon Baking Company @moonraccoonbakingco is ready to take on the world one pastry at a time. From tahini chocolate chip vegan cookies to sticky buns to muffins, in these uncertain times, Kate and Zoe put their experience and passion into their business and give it all to provide quality baked goods for the local communities! Stoked to have you listen to on the @biglocalspodcast.

But Moon Raccoon is not your average bakery: you're looking at a company who is very aware and conscious of the communal mindset and the misrepresentation of the Indigenous community. Kate and Zoe reached out to Jesse from Sfoglina (BLP episode 5!) and Elizabeth from Cate's Pet Food to collaborate and bring something a little more to the people. Additionally, their work with the Indigenous community Spirit of the Sun is something all businesses should be striving for: not just to accept the community's support, but to support the community.

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Check out the people and organizations listed below and support your local communities!

Moon Raccoon Baking Company


Dylan Kishner Band (featured artist) -

Goed Zuur - sour beer, cheese/charcuterie

Dry Storage -

Croft family farms -

Heini’s Market -

Republica del cacao -

Cate’s Pet Food - @catespet

Spirit of the Sun - @spiritofthe.sun

The fresh guys produce - @thefreshguysproduce

Feeding the Line that fed the Frontline -

Sfoglina Pasta - @sfoglinadenver

Small Business Development Center -

Gonzo Jimenez at Miette et chocolate -

Ariana Quant, pastry chef at Uchiko - @arianaquant

Uchi Chef team - @uchidenver

Kim, Miss B’s Vietnamese Food Truck - @missbsvietnamese

Wylde Dreams by Natalia Sullivan - @wyldedreams

Sandi Calistro of Tattoo Dumond - @sandicalistro

Pablo Villalpando - SEO Extraordinaire -