Maintenance Phase
Ozempic 58:21 "Soy Boys" 44:06 RFK Jr. and The Mainstreaming Of The Anti-Vaxx Movement 1:13:53 RFK Jr. and The Rise of the Anti-Vaxx Movement 1:14:30 Pilates 44:59 Brittany Dawn 1:01:08 BONUS: The Conservative Diet Books of Yore 56:17 Oprah v. Beef Part 2: Apocalypse Cow 1:08:01 Oprah v. Beef Part 1: The Rise of "Veggie Libel" 1:03:40 The 10,000 Steps Myth 49:07 The Trouble with Sugar 49:21 "Forks Over Knives": Is a Vegetarian Diet Better For You? 1:02:33 The Instagram Fiber Feud 46:36 Doctors Have a New Plan for Fat Kids 1:14:25 Elizabeth Taylor's "Elizabeth Takes Off" 58:17 “Glorifying Obesity” And Other Myths About Fat People 49:55 Workplace Wellness 1:12:32 The Food Pyramid 51:52 Bonus: Mike's New Podcast! 1:18:06 The Daily Harvest Food Poisoning Scandal 1:01:37 Mini-Sode: The Dr. Oz Campaign 1:13:16 Paul Bragg & The Rise of Apple Cider Vinegar 55:22 The French Paradox 55:09 Goop 59:37 BONUS: Moon Juice Taste Test 54:07