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Disneyland Tournament: Round Three Results

January 29, 2021 Sean Nyberg Season 1 Episode 21
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Disneyland Tournament: Round Three Results
Show Notes

Special 'The Disney Beat' Podcast Episode

We have been running the Ultimate Disneyland Resort Tournament of Rides on our website and social media accounts. Over the last three weeks we had over 143,000 votes from Disneyland fans in three rounds of matchups.

Today, we reveal the winners that will move on to Round Four, the Elite Eight, next week.

My dear friend Myken Nunes joins me to reveal our own picks in each matchup, before revealing the fans' choice.

I will post all of the winners, along with the vote split, on on Sunday January 31st. Voting for round 4 begins Monday February 1st at, Twitter handles @SeanNyberg and @TheDisInsider, and both the Instagram and Facebook pages for The DisInsider.

We will be revealing the Round 4 winners next week here on The Disney Beat.
Did your favorite survive?
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