Uncommon Transitions

Girija Hariharan: From IT practice to the practice of art

December 23, 2020 Manohar Season 1 Episode 4
Uncommon Transitions
Girija Hariharan: From IT practice to the practice of art
Show Notes

This episode is a long, meandering conversation, the sort you would have with an artist who thinks deeply about art and life. Girija Hariharan spent a decade and a half in the IT industry before taking up painting full-time in 2015. She began her art career as a muralist, painting walls at the homes of friends willing to let her experiment, but these days she uses any medium that catches her fancy, including cardboard from discarded boxes. Her art conveys an intriguing mix of mythology and anthropology, often with clear feminist echoes. 

In our conversation Girija talks about balancing the artist's and the business-person’s sensibility — her right and left brain at work, as she puts it. What also emerges is her deep-rooted desire for social development and her inclination to stay grounded in reality. She speaks about the importance of going with the flow in both art and life, and about what separates a hobbyist from a professional artist. 

This is a wide-ranging conversation that could have gone on much longer. Settle in with a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy the flow.

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More on Girija's art and social activities

Website: https://2flatbrush.com/
Instagram: @2flatbrush
Recent blog on Deka series: Matsya
Charity trust: Annai Charitable Trust

Girija lives in Bangalore with her husband and daughter.

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