Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

Jennifer and Johnny

May 31, 2022 Bernard King Season 1 Episode 86
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
Jennifer and Johnny
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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Mr Black has taken the children's football. So Johny will give Mr Black a shock!


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Jennifer and Johnny

Johnny loved to play  football with his sister Jennifer. They would play in the field behind  their house because not only was their garden very small, but it had lots of flowers that were were damaged when they kicked their ball into them.

One day because he was getting bigger and stronger Johnny kicked the ball very hard and very high, so high it went over the fence into a garden//.

But it was not Johnny and Jennifers garden.

It was mister Blacks garden!//

Look what you have done!

Mt Black stared at his his lovely roses flattened by the football. Johnny and Jennifer’s football.

You have broken my roses so you are not getting your football back.

Picking up the ball he tucked it under his arm and slammed the back door as he marched into his house with their beloved football.

Johnny looked at Jennifer and Jennifer looked at Johnny miserably.

And do you know what they did? They both stared to cry,

They cried across the field, through their garden, up the stairs of their house, and then threw themselves on their beds and cried even harder.

What has happened? Their mother rushed into Johnnies bedroom but he was crying so much he could not answer so his mother rushed in to Jennifers bedroom

What has happened she asked again but Jennifer was sobbing under her pillow and did not hear her.//

Now the children’s father came up stairs 

What’s happened he asked//

But that just made the children cry even louder.

It was nearly half an hour Before the children stopped crying. Johnny had cried so much his mother had to take his bedclothes down to the washing machine and Jennifers pillow was so wet with her tears it dripped on the bedroom floor.

Ah, said her father and ah, said her mother after the children had explained That Mr Black had kept their football because they had broken his roses. 

You must go and see Mr Black and say you are sorry. The children’s father said.

And I don’t think Mr Black would give the ball back even if I asked him for it.

The next day the children knocked on Mr Blacks door.

We are so so sorry we broke your roses said Jennifer.

We won’t ever do it again said Johnny.

Mr Black looked at Jennifer and then he looked at Johnny.


That was Mr Black saying  humph.

Would you like to hear it again?

Now Mr Black always said // when he did not know what to do.

Although he had a dark name because the word black describes the colour black.

He was quite a nice man. And would like to have given the children back their ball

But the children had broken his roses.


Mr Black stopped his humphing. He had decided what to do.

I will give you your ball back but to be sure to take more care in future I shall not give it back for a month.

The children walked back miserable to their garden.

A whole month without playing football What were they going to do.

Even Cherube  looking at them did not cheer them up.

Cherube was Mr Blacks cat that would often come into their garden to play with them, and was now laying on it’s back on their grass waiting for a game.

But the children did feel like playing, the children were still so upset.

Meow Cherube gave them a wave with it’s Paw.

Johnnies sulk changed into a smile - not because Cherube was waving to him, but, because he suddenly had a brilliant t idea.

That evening the children heard Mr Black calling Cherube. 

And again the next morning he was out very early calling it again.

Johnny strode not the garden and called over the garden fence. Cherube came into our garden and played on our grass and broke it.

Mr Black blinked. A cat breaking grass, he had never heard anything like it.

So we are keeping Cherube for a month to teach it a lesson. Johnny standing with his hands on his hips looked at mr Black

Mr Black had to turn away so that the children could not see his face.

He was smiling.

The children were playing the same trick on him he had played on them. He was keeping their football for a month so they were keep ing his cat for a month.

Of course said Johnny, if we had our football back it would change everything.

Everything? said Mr Black.

Everything said Jennifer.

You mean if I give you your football you will give me Cherube.

Exactly said Jennifer.

Exactly said Johnny.


That was Mr black humping again.

// // //

And again.

Without another word Mr Black want to his garden shed and came back holding the childrens football.

It’s deal he said.

Jennifer went into spare room and came back carrying Cherube.

Johnny took his ball from Mr Black and Mr Black took Cherube from Jennifer.

And, Now the children were happy and, Mr Black was happy. 

And, that should have been the end of the story.

But it was not.

Because Cherube had something to say about it


As soon as Mr Black put her down //

With a leap and a dash she was back over the fence into the children’s garden, across the grass and back into her comfy basket in the children’s spare room.


Because she was much happier staying with the children than staying with Mr Black.

But that is another story I might tell you another time.