Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

The Chicken Story

June 13, 2022 Grandad Season 1 Episode 88
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
The Chicken Story
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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The 'three children and their mother and father each wanted  a chicken leg for dinner, but  a chicken only has two legs. Big problem! But their father had the answer!

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Chicken Story

“I’ll have a leg,” said Timothy.

“I’ll have a leg as well,” shrieked Amanda.

“And I want a leg too,” piped Matilde, the baby of the family.

The father looked at his wife with a sigh. It was always the same, when ever they had chicken for dinner, the three children and his wife always wanted a leg. But chickens have only had two legs, so, the two who didn’t get a leg always grumbled, right through the dinner and the dessert and Timothy had been known to grumble all night.

The father could of course have bought two chickens and then he would have had four legs, but as he would like to have a leg as well that meant three chickens or one of the family being left out. And three chickens would be far too expensive for just one dinner.

Timothy’s father was a scientist, and as we all know, scientists can invent anything. The problem of chickens having only two legs started Edward, Edward that was the name of Timothy’s father, thinking.

His problem would be solved, if he could find a chicken with five legs. But chickens do not have five legs, no one had ever seen a chicken with five legs, and that decided Edward, was a good reason to invent one.

In fact Edward thought, it would be an even better idea if he invented a chicken with ten legs, and then everyone on his family would be happy, they could have two chicken legs each!

It took him a long time and a lot of work and experiments with chickens, but one day one of his chickens laid a special egg. It wasn’t oval like ordinary eggs but had ten little lumps on one side that looked suspiciously like feet.

A few days later a second egg was laid by his special egg laying chicken, and this one had ten lumps as well.

The two eggs hatched and Yippee! Edward had two chicks and the two chicks each had ten legs.

He sent his precious chicks to the best hen farm in the world and then waited.

A few months later he had a call from the owner of the best hen farm in the world.

“Edward,” said the owner, “we now have twenty hens all with ten legs.”

Edward could not wait for the weekend. Taking the family with him, he drove down to the best hen farm in the world. He could not wait to have one of his chickens with ten legs in the oven and see the smiles on the faces of his wife and children.

It was true, the twenty hens were in a field, pecking and scratching the ground with their ten feet.

“I’ll just take one today,” said Timothy. “It will be quite enough.”

“Ah, that will be a problem,” said the owner of the best hen farm in the world.

“Why?”asked Timothy. “Apart from their ten legs they look perfectly normal to me.”

 “It’s the ten legs that are the problem,” said the owner of the best hen farm in the world. “They can run so fast no one has been able to catch one.”

And to this day no one has ever caught a chicken with ten legs. In fact I bet you have never seen a chicken with ten legs have you?

That’s because they run so quickly not only can you not catch them, they go so fast, you can’t even see them