Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

The King Who Loved Cucumbers

June 20, 2022 Grandad Season 1 Episode 89
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
The King Who Loved Cucumbers
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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The Kings love of cucumbers was causing big problems at the palace. And even the Queen could not help!

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The King who  loved cucumbers.

F/X Burp.

F/X Oh no

Oh dear. Do you know what that sound was? It was a burp.

People burp when they have eaten a lot of food. And a lot of air has gone down with the food into their stomachs.

So the air pops back out again and the noise it make is called a burp.


Now that burp was different, because that burp was a royal burp. And only a King or a Queen can make a royal burp.


And that was a burp from a King.

You have been eating cucumbers again said the queen.

I love cucumbers  the King was sitting on his throne when he burped again//

Only this time something terrible happened. His burp was so loud//

It shook the palace walls and opened up a big crack in the wall//

Oh my goodness said the queen  your burping is breaking our palace

Before the King could reply he gave another burp//

And guess what happened.

His crown jumped off his head rolled across the room and bounced down the stairs.

You have got to stop eating cucumbers or you will break everything the kingdom cried the queen.

And do you know what she did?

She banned all cucumbers from the country.

When you ban something you don’t allow it to be eaten or even brought into the country.

So every suitcase, every bag every car and every lorry was searched for cucumbers before it was allowed into the Kingdom. And if anyone was caught  with a cucumber do know happened to them?

They would be hit over the head with the cucumber and Put in prison for a week?

And so the King stopped burping.



What have you been eating yelled the queen

Potatoes said the King.

And so potatoes were banned from kingdom like cucumbers.

But the king started burping again. This times burps were so strong. The steeple fell off the church next to the palace.

And so the queen banned all food from the country except for bread which was the only food that did not make the king burp.

But the citizens of the countrywide getting thinner and thinner and More and more hungry with just eating bread.

We want potatoes we want tomatoes we want cucumbers they shouted at the royal family.

Things were getting serious. If the queen allowed allowed food into the country and the king started to burp again more churches might loose their spires, but if she didn’t not letf food in all the people would get thin so thin they might fall down the drains the street.

Then Mr Rennie came to the rescue.//

Mr Rennie used to burp after meal as well//

But his burps were much smaller because he was not a king.

But his wife complained about his burping because it gave her a headache.

So Mr Rennie invented a little white table that when he swallowed it stopped all his burps.

When the queen heard about Mr Rennies tablet she ordered him to the palace immediately

First the king ate a whole cucumber, and then took one of Mr Rennies little tablets.

If the king burps shouted the queen to  Mr Rennie it means your tablet does not work and I shall have your head chopped off!

Mr Rennie started to tremble. He liked his head and wanted to keep it on his shoulders where it had always been.

The King could not stop himself After the first cucumber he snatched another and started to eat it.//

Everyone waited//

And waited//For the king to burp

But even after he had eaten the third cucumber he just sat back on his throne and rubbed his tummy happily

And  so because Mr Rennie had invented his little table there was never another burp heard in the kingdom.

And you know what the King did?

He did what all the Kings do all over world when someone does something very clever or very good.

They make them knights of the realm.

And they are allow to put the word sir in front of their name.

And so Mr Rennie became Sir Rennie.

And to this day if you go into a chemists shop anywhere and ask for a Rennie tablet the chemist will always have one.