Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

Charlie and his missing bits

June 28, 2022 Grandad Season 1 Episode 90
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
Charlie and his missing bits
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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If you don't eat green vegetables the same thing s that happened to Charlie  could happen to you!

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Charlie and his missing bits.

Charlie was walking along his street. Charlie often walked along his street but this time something happened that was going to cause him a lot of trouble. Have you ever heard what a lot of trouble is?Well, this is the sound of a lot of trouble//

And Charlie was heading for a lot of trouble because of this//

That was the sound of Charlies watch falling off his wrist!

It was there on the pavement in front of him!

Now, do you know why Charlies watch fell off his wrist?

It fell off his wrist Because Charlie’s hand had fallen off!// 

Yup it’a true.

Charlie stood looking in amazement at his hand and watch lying on the ground in front of him.

Bits just don’t fall off people do they. OF COURSE THEY DON’T

Charlie left the hospital with his watch on his wrist and his hand stuck back on.

But before he reached his house there was a plop// Charlie looked around - Now, there was a nose  on the ground in front of him//, and it was his nose.

In the hospital  they told Charlie to be more careful and stop letting bits of his body fall off!!

I can’t help it cried Charlie It just happens.

But the next morning when Charlie got out of bed  he got the shock of his life!

He only had one leg!

His other leg was still asleep in bed!//

That’s enough! The doctor in the hospital was fed up sticking bits back on Charlie.

We’ll have to do something about this before your loose your head.

Do you play football the doctor asked Charlie shook his head. Do you play rugby? Again Charlie shook his head.

I don’t play any sports said Charlie.

That’s  not the problem than Said the doctor

Have you drunk too much lemonade?

I don’t drink lemonade. Charlie moaned.

Perhaps it something you have eaten the doctor looked in Charlie’s mouth.

What did you have for breakfast.

A sausage and an eggie, Replied Charlie

And what did you have for lunch?

A sausage and an egg. Charlie did not think anything he ate could make bits of his body fall off.

And what did you have for dinner.

A sausage and an eggie.

Do you just eat sausages and eggies all the time asked the doctor

Except on Sundays replied Charlie and then I have a change.

Then I have an eggie and a sausage.

Do you eat potatoes? The doctor looked at Charlie.

Charlie shook his head

Don’t like potatoes he said. 

Do you eat cabbages

Again Charlie school his head. Cabbages are all green he replied.

I don’t eat anything green,

No beans or lettuce or cucumbers?

Charlie shook his head.

Or broccoli or sprouts or spinage?

Nothing green Charlie shook his head again.

But vegetables are the things that make the glue that sticks your body together.

Don’t care said Charlie. I’m not eating green vegetables.

Before the doctor could answer //

Yes another bit had fallen off Charlie. 

The doctor picked an ear up off the floor and handed it back to Charlie.

If you don’t eat green vegetables then I’ m not going to stick anything back on you.

Don’t care said Charlie putting his ear in his pocket. I’ll glue it on myself.

On Monday of the next week, one of charlies fingers fell into his cup of tea. On Tuesday, his left knee floated away while he was having a bath.

And you will never guess what happened on Wednesday.

When Charlie stood up after eating his sausage and eggie his bottom stayed on the seat.

Charlie now did not have a bottom.

This was getting serious. If Charlie carried loosing bits of his body soom he might disappear.

When Charlie told the doctor he would stick his bits back on himself he forgot one thing. He did not have any body  glue and the only place there was body glue was at the hospital.

We don’t sell body glue said the doctor as he stuck Charlie’s knee, ear, finger and bottom back on Charlies body.

But the doctor suddenly had an idea how he could stop bits of Charlies body from falling off.

I am gong make some medicine that will stop you body from falling into bits said the doctor. 

But you must come to the hospital every day for a month to take your medicine.

Charlie thought it was a lot of bother to go to the hospital every day but  that it was better going to the hospital than loosing bits of his body.

And so every day for a fortnight Charlie had to suck a big mouthful of medicine through a straw from a white plastic bottle the doctor gave him.

The medicine tasted  very nice and completely different to anything Charlie had drunk before.

And since he had been taking it Charlies body stayed in one piece. Not even a fingernail fell off.

By the time the month had passed Charlie used to look forward to his daily dose of medicine and ln the visit for his last dose he was feeling really sad.

I shall miss that he said as gave the bottle back to the doctor.

The doctor smiled and poured some of the medics from the bottle into glass.

Charlie’s eyes opened wide his mouth opened wide and his nose nearly fell off.

The medicine was green//

I’ve been drinking something green.He yelled.

Your medicine the doctor laughted has been a mixture of chopped up

 broccoli, sprouts, spinage beans lettuce and cucumbers!

But I don’t like broccoli, sprouts, spinage beans lettuce and cucumbers!

Well you been drinking them for a month

Charlies eyes closed and his mouth closed and his nose stopped wriggling.

And nothing had fallen off is body.

Then I shall carry on taking my medicine every day cried Charlie Even though it is green,

No need for that smiled the doctor just eat some green vegetables with your sausage and egg  as we all do and your body will be very happy.

So Charlie ate lots of green vegetables 

 and guess what - his body was so strong nothing ever fell off again and to celebrate, Charlie would eat two sausages and two eggies with all his green vegetables.