Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

Archie and his big, big sweet.

July 04, 2022 Grandad Season 1 Episode 91
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
Archie and his big, big sweet.
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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Find out what happens when Archie's mother finds him eating a big, big sweet!

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Archie And His Big Big Sweet.

Archie was in bed listening to a story in exactly the same way as you are right now. With his head, resting on his pillow, ready to go to sleep the moment the story the man was telling was finished.

He was warm, comfortable, and he liked the story he was listening to.

Because his head was on his pillow, and he was laying his back, he could look up at the ceiling and usually the ceiling was the last thing he saw before he fell asleep.

I bet you do the same as Archie before you fall asleep don’t you?  I bet you are even looking up at the ceiling right now!

But tonight to Archies surprise in the middle of his ceiling there was something he had never seen before.

A banana. A great big yellow banana!

Archie had not only never seen a banana on his ceiling before. He had never seen a banana in his bedroom!

And then//

The banana fell off the ceiling onto his bed.

And then//

The pop was made by orange, yes an orange that had popped out of his ceiling!

But before he could think about it/

The orange fell from the ceiling onto his bed - beside the banana.

Archie looked back up to the ceiling and yes.

Waiting to drop was a large rosy apple.

Archie put his hands together in the shape of a bowl. And //

Yes the apple fell from the ceiling straight into his hands, in the next few minutes every time Archie looked up at his ceiling a different piece of fruit would fall onto his bed. 

With the banana the orange and the apple were a Bunch of grapes, a big brown pear, a yellow grapefruit, melon, a peach, an apricot, some blackberries, and even a tomato because a tomato is really a fruit.

What was going on?

Nothing like this had ever  happened before.

But if Archie thought it strange  to have his bed covered in fruit something even stranger was about to happen.

He looked up at the ceiling to see of there was anymore fruit. Then, his mouth dropped open in astonishment.

There was not any more fruit on the ceiling, there was - you will never guess what Archie was looking at.

A marsh mallow.

A marshmallow is a big sweet. They are made from jelly which is covered in lovely sugar and they taste delicious.

If you have never had a marshmallow you should ask your mummy or daddy to buy you some. I am sure you will love them.

And Archie loved them as well so he put his hands together into the shape of a bowl again and yes//

The marshmallow fell from the ceiling and into his hands!

Whatever was going on in his bedroom Archie did not care, he had big marshmallow in his hands and he was going to eat it.

This was wonderful. He could listen to the man telling the story and eat his big marshmallow at the same time.

Leaning back he opened his mouth and took a big bite of the marshmallow.

Archie What are you doing!

Archies mother was in the doorway.

Stop that!

Archie stopped he could not believe what he was doing!

He was trying to eat his pillow.

Where’s all my fruit gone! All the fruit had vanished from Archies bed.

Fruit what fruit said his mother.

The fruit that fell from the ceiling.

His mother laughed

Fruit from the ceiling   you have been dreaming Archie.

I thought my pillow was a marshmallow.

His mother took the pillow and placed it back behind his head.

I was listening to a story. He said

Well you can  hear the music, The stories finished. His mother was tucking him into his bed.

Now go back to sleep.

With a big kiss on his forehead she  reached over and then do you know what she did?

She switched me off. 

And do you know what Archies mother did?

Because Archie was going to sleep. She switched me off.