Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

Violets Village and Mr Rainbow - 5yrs +

July 11, 2022 Grandad Episode 92
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
Violets Village and Mr Rainbow - 5yrs +
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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Everyone in violet's village had their own colour - until Mr Rainbow moved in,! 

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Violets Village and Mister Rainbow

Red Road. Pink Path. Lemon Lane, Apricot Alley,  Scarlet square. Are the names of some of the places in the village where violet lived. In fact every street road and path in the town was named after a colour.

And everyone who lived in the village was an artist. An artist is someone who paints all those lovely picture you see on walls and in museums.

Violet was an artist who lived next door to mr Green who was called mr green because he painted everything green, his house was green his garden was green his roof was green even his cat was green. Across the road lived Mr Black All the pictures he painted were black because he only painted at night.

And around the corner lived Choloe Yellow. She was called yellow because she only painted when the sun was shining.

So violet lived in a village of colours and it was lovely. But not only was it lovely it was happy.


Because it was full of children!

You see Mr Green married Chloe Yellow. Now if you mix green and yellow colours together you get blue. So all Mr Green and Chloe Yellow’s children were blue.

And Mr Black married a Julia White and if black is mixed with white you get grey so all Mr Blacks children were coloured Gray.

Mr Blue married a woman called Daphne Red and so their children were coloured Purple.

Now with all the street lights painted red, the cars all painted white, the pavements yellow the shops grey, the traffic lights red yellow and green as they are everywhere you can see the village of colours was really a a bright shining gleaming village.

And when all the different coloured children went to school it was like a brightly coloured snake winding through the streets of the village.

So everyone was happy living in their favourite coloured houses and their gaily coloured streets.

Until Mr Rainbow arrived. You all know what a rainbow is don’t you.

It is a big arc that appears in the sky when the sun shines through the rain.

But the thing about a rainbow is it is made up of seven colours.

So Mr Rainbow painted his house seven different colours.

Which shocked everyone in the town.

My house is only green shouted Mr Green. My house is only Black cried Mr Black, My house is only yellow said Chloe Yellow.

Mr Rainbow you can’t paint your house all those colours cried the mayor.

In our village people only paint their house one colour. 

My name is rainbow smiled Mr rainbow and in a rainbow there are seven different colours and they are all the colours on my house.

The village people were beginning to get annoyed. And started to shout at Mr Rainbow.

And Mr Rainbow could see there was going to be big trouble over his house, but Mr Rainbow was a very clever man,

Very well I’ll paint my house all green he said.


My house is green yelled Mr Green.  If there are two green houses the postman won’t know in which green house to post my green letters.

Then I’ll paint it red. Mr Rainbow smiled.


My house is red shouted Mr Red.

I won’t get all my red parcels!

The mayor could see they had a big problem.

The postman could see he would have a big problem.

And Mr Rainbow could see there was a big problem

But I told you Mr Rainbow was a very clever man, and he knew the village had painted their houses in all the different colours and so there was’t a colour left for him to paint his house with.

But being very clever he did something very clever.

He said to the mayor - very well I shall leave it to you to choose which colour to paint my house.

And to this dayMr Rainbow’s house is still painted all the colours of the rainbow and to this day the mayor is still trying to find a new colour and so everyone in the town is happy.

And they will starlike that - as we all know there are no new colours for the mayor to find.