Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

Sampa - 7yrs +

July 28, 2022 Bernard King Season 3 Episode 1
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
Sampa - 7yrs +
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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Episode  1 of a new series of adventures of.......No I shan't tell you - you must listen!

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Welcome to Sampa - But - who is Sampa? - what is Sampa- where is Sampa. What is Sampa doing!

There is only one way to find out. To listen to Sampa the… no I am not going to tell you what Sampa is - you must find out yourself.

Can you hear those sounds ? I’ll turn them up so you can hear better. If you go into a wood or a forest or into a field those are some of the sounds you will hear.

These sounds came from a forest in a place called Colthall……. So the forest was called Colthall………..forest.

In the forest there were lots of big trees and lots of small trees all growing close together.

And when the wind blew//

The leaves made this noise.//

 It’s called rustling and as the trees were so close together they tickled each other when they rustled.

So, you could say when you hear trees rustling in the wind the trees are laughing because they are tickling each other.

Now why am I telling you this?

Because these sounds  are the first sounds that you would hear if you were sitting in a birds nest.// Sitting in a birds nest -

Now, that would be funny if you sat in a birds nest. But of course you can’t you are much too big to sit-in a nest.

And because also  the nest I am talking about was already full, Yes the nest had four eggs in it.

The eggs were quite small and were coloured a very light green with brown specks on them.  Much smaller and quite different from the eggs you have for breakfast.

You would not eat a green egg with brown spots would you?

Because green coloured eggs are sparrows eggs. And a sparrow is a cheeky little bird with brown and grey feathers, a yellow beak and unlike a lot of other birds they cannot walk. They hop.

You can hop like a sparrow if you place Both of your feet together and then jump forward.

That’s called hopping - just like a sparrow!


Ah, there are those country sounds again.


I am playing them because those are the sounds around the nest in a tree in the forest I first told you about.

Do you remember there were four eggs in the nest?

Well inside one of those eggs is a sparrow 

 we are going to call Sampa.

Now you know who Sampa is Sampa is a sparrow.//

Why did I call a sparrow Sampa?

  I think Sampa is a nice name and I think sparrows are nice little birds as well and Sampa the Sparrow sounds nice as well and that is why I chose it for the title to this story.

But then in the nest something very exciting happened.//

Now that is a different noise.//

What do you think it is?//

It sounds just like eggshell breaking doesn’t it?

That’s because it is an egg shell breaking.

Yes, all the eggs in the nest were cracking open and guess what was inside the eggs!

sparrow chicks. A chick is a small bird. And as these were sparrow’s eggs these were were small baby sparrows.

But the chicks did not look at all like sparrows.

The did not have any feathers! They could not see because their eyes were not open and because they did not have any feathers their bare skin was all red and yellow!

But Sampa was not one of them. Sampa was in the fourth egg which had not been broken yet.

And it would not be broken until Sampa was able to break it.

And Sampa was trying. With little taps from his brand new beak. But his new beak was very soft and samba was not very strong and the eggshell was very hard.

So, no matter how hard and for how long Sampa tapped the inside of the egg, not even the tiniest crack appeared an so Sampa was trapped inside the egg.

If Sampa did not get out of the egg soon and get some food, Sampa would die!//

Weather the other three chicks were stronger than Sampa or weather the egg Sampa was inside was extra strong we don’t know.

But the other three chick were to busy waiting for food. They had their heads back and opened their little beaks wide whenever they heard a sound.// Because a sound like this was very important. It meant their mother had arrived with a beak full of food ready to drop into their open mouths.

But Sampa did not get food  - because he was still stuck inside his egg just too weak to peck his way out.

And // with a flutter Sampas mother flew off again to find more food for her chicks.

Leaving three happy chicks and one very Hungary chick stuck inside it’s egg.//

That’s the sound of Sampa tryng to get out of his egg. the effort of trying to peck his way out  was making him tired, But if Sampa falls asleep he might be so weak from not having any food he might never wake up/

// That was Sampas mother coming back with more food. But samba was already asleep.

The other three cheeks were waving their heads in the air with their mouths open - greedy for more food.

They were waving and shaking so much they were knocking Sampas egg back and forwards- harder and harder until//

The egg broke in half. 

Sampa was free.// 

But too late. He was at the back the nest.

His mother had dropped all the food into the other three chicks mouths and//

With a leap into the air flew off again.

Sampa Could smell the food so lifted up his head and opened his little beak.

But there was no mother and no food and Sampa was weak with hunger.

Sampa close his beak and lowered his head and listened to the noise of the forest// He was feeling so hungry

The three other chicks were beginning to chirp// and move around  but Sampa was too weak to do anything and just lay on the bottom of the nest, getting and weaker.

Poor Sampa //

The mother was back with more food/ - no it wasn’t it  Sampas mother it was Sampas father.

The three chicks waved their head and opened their mouths and the father dropped food into their mouths.

Sampa opened his mouth but was so weak could not raise his little head  and so his father did not see him and tossed the last bit of food to the chick next to Sampa./Sampa watched the food rise high in the air and drop towards the other chick.

The other chick watched the food as well, opened it’s beak wider and wider  to grab the food.

The was no way Sampa could get it.

The other chicken stretched its neck higher and higher.


Too high/The food bounced off the side it’s beak and dropped.

And do you know where it dropped?

Into Sampas mouth//

Sampa was saved!//////

The food gave Sampa energy and the next time Sampas mother arrived with some dinner Sampas little mouth was wide open and his little head was shaking with the other three chicks.

And so all four chicks had their share of food.

Because they had no feathers, at night when it got cold Sampas mother would sit, with her wings cuddling all four chick to keep them warm and in the morning when she flew off Sampas Father would be at the side of the nest with his beak full offood. Breakfast ready for the four chicks breakfast.

Of course very often when the chicks heard a sound like this//

They thought it was either their mother or father waiting to drop food into their mouths and all four mouths would open and their head shake waiting for the food to drop.

And when no food arrived the little mouths would close and the heads would fold back down, and soon the four chicks would be fast asleep.

Which was just as well.

Because even though the nest was high up in a tree, in the forest there were lots of different animals that would be very happy to know where the nest was.

Four juicy little sparrow chicks would make a nice lunch for them and as cats, snakes and bigger birds would be able to reach the nest it was very important the chicks did not make any noise that could make a passing animal stop, listen and then start to climb the tree.

Now young chicks grow very, very, quickly. Much quicker than we do.

And in only a week feathers start to grow on their skinny bodies. And they do something that is very dangerous. 

They start to chirp much louder.// like that.

But do you remember I told you it was very important  that they kept quiet so as not to attract other animals?

So the chirping can cause big big problems for the chicks.

But Sampa was soon able to chirp as loudly as the rest of the chicks in the nest.

Espcially at meal times when the mother or father arrived, Because as the chicks got bigger the mother and father had to find more and more food and make more and more visits to the nest.

And this was more dangerous than the chicks chirping// because with the birds flying backwards and forwards all day other animals could guess that there must be a nest nearby.

And not only other animals but humans as well. People like you and me.

And do you know some people collect birds eggs!

The find out where the nest is, they steal the eggs and they put the eggs in boxes to show their friends.

So of course the little birds inside the egg die.

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone did this?

Soon there would not be any birds anywhere and that would be terrible.

So if you ever find a birds nest with eggs inside you should never touch them.

But now Sampa and the other chick were getting bigger and their feathers were growing longer and faster each day.

Now you know what that means don’t you?

Just think if you were sleeping in the same bed with someone and you both were getting a little fatter each day. - what would happen?

One of you would be pushed out!//

But that does not happen to little birds and do you know why?

Because the nest is made from leaves and twigs and all sorts of bits and pieces that the parents very cleverly push together.

So as the little chicks get bigger they not only cuddle closer to each other but the nest gets a little bigger and so the chiks don’t hurt each other!

Now, that’s very clever isn’t it. If you got fatter your bed couldn’t  get bigger and you would have to buy a new bed!

`Now I told you the nest is made from twigs and bit and pieces but you don’t know what those bits and pieces are do you?

So I will tell you.

A sparrow’s nest is made of feathers, grass stalks and roots of plants, barks, threads, strings, and pieces of paper and wool 

Now if you see apiece of string flying through the air it might belong to a sparrow building it’s nest.

Now I said sparrows use feathers to built their nests. They use the feathers inside the nest because feathers are soft and comfortable and just right for the chicks to lay on when they get out of their eggs.

But where do you think the sparrows get their feathers from?

Well. Sparrows can’t go to a shop to by them so they must come from other birds.

So do you know what sparrows do?

They see a bigger bird like a pigeon or a blackbird with lovely soft feathers on it’s chest  and the cheeky sparrows go up to the pidgeon and //

Pecks some  feathers off the birds chest.// and before the bigger bird knows what has happened the sparrow is off  with it’s beak full of feathers for it’s nest.

And so Sampa and the other three chicks rest happily in their warm soft nest.

I bet you don/t know how long it takes for Sampa from the moment it leaves it’s egg before it can fly do you?

Just three weeks!

How long does it take for you and me to be able to fly?

WE could sit on our bed for a month and even then, if we tried to fly// we could end up with a bonk on the floor So The answer is never - we can’t fly unless we have an aeroplane !

But flying is not an easy thing to do so someone must teach Sampa to fly.

But Sampa only knows the three other chicks and it’s mother and father.

So , who teaches you to do things? Your mother and father.

And its the same for Sampa, they will both teach Sampa to fly, but not yet as Sampa is still just a skinny little chick with hardly any feathers and all it can do is open its little beak wide, lift up its head and shake it when it hears this sound// Which it’s parents make when it arrives at the nest with it’s beak full of food for Sampa and the chicks.

So for the first week Sampa lies in the bottom of the nest with the three other chicks cuddling close to each other to keep warm.

ON the sixth day something incredible happens// for the first time the chicks open their eyes// They can see.

Now they can really start to live! And they can see each other.

Now if you opened your eyes and saw three skinny little chicks looking at you you would be surprised.

But Sampa just looked at the chicks and the three chicks looked at Sampa.

What was he supposed to do - Say hello?

But Sampa cannot talk so instead he looked up tp see if there was any food dropping down but as his mother was not there all he could see was the sky. And the three other chicks up as well.

The sky above Sampa was blue.So Sampa looked at it for a long time but the sky did not do anything very interesting so Sampa looked around the nest until//

His mother was back!

Sampa looked at his mother for the first time.

He thought she was beautiful.

He opened his little beak and made his first chick chirp//

As a reward his mother dropped a big juicy worm into Sampas mouth.

When the three other chicks saw this they all starting chirping as well.

Their mother was kept busy dropping food into each chicks mouth  she was so busy that she did not see something terrible happening behind her//

The chirping of the chicks had attracted an green grass snake and now the snake was winding itself up the tree behind the mother//

Just in time the mother saw the snake as it raised it green head to strike he mother.

With a howl the mother soared into the air and flew off.

The snake looked into the nest. It’s forked tongue quivering and it’s red eyes flashing and its long green body curling around the nest!

The chicks looked up, opened their beaks for some food.

But this time there was no food.

Just a hungry snake looking down on four nice juicy chicks ready to eat for it’s breakfast!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear

What is going to happen?

Is it the end of Sampa and the three chicks?

They are in terrible trouble.

Ihope things get better in next episode of Samp the Sparrow.