Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

Terry's Terrible Troubles - 5yrs +

August 31, 2022 Bernard King Season 1
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
Terry's Terrible Troubles - 5yrs +
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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Terry's troubles change  every day. And they are getting worse and worse. Even the fire brigade cannot help him!

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Terry was  a very happy little boy with very curly red hair a pink face with little brown freckles, rosy red cheeks, and lovely blue eyes.

His mother thought that she had the most handsome  little boy in the world.

And on Monday morning Terry was happy and content and did not have any troubles.

But on Tuesday morning// I’ll play that again because on Tuesday morning Happy little Terry’s life changed completely//

He was cleaning his teeth when he looked into the bathroom mirror.//He dropped his toothbrush his mouth fell open and he made that noise again.//

The Terry looking back out of the mirror at him - now get ready for this because you will be a shocked as Terry was - The Terry looking back at him out of the mirror//

Had a bright green face// Terry rubbed and rubbed his cheek but the green did not come off. His skin had turned green.

// That’s Terry’s mother. //And that’s Terry’s mother again. That is the sound Terry’s mother makes when she is throwing a wobbler.//

Opps she’s just thrown another one because, she has seen her little boys face.

What have you done! She shouted.

Terry started to cry, but even wet tears running down his cheeks did not move the green from his face.

His mother took him straightaway to the doctor. When he saw Terry the doctor got up from his desk and stood in the corner in case his face started to turn green as well.

I don’t do green faces he said. So Terry was taken to the hospital. // Yes That’s the nurse throwing a wobbler. When she saw Terrys green face she opened the cupboard jumped in and closed the door.

Go away she shouted.

// And that’s the doctor throwing a wobbler. He tried to hide in the cupboard well but the nurse kicked him out so he hid under his desk.

// And that is Terry’s father throwing a wobbler when he came home from work and saw his son.

And when Terry’s mother explaineded what’d happened at the doctors and the hospital // he threw another wobbler as well.

They looked in Terry’s bedroom see if he had any green paint or if there was anything that could possibly turn his face green.

But there was nothing and that night the family went to bed. very very worried.

//  That’s Terrys mother throwing another wobbler. // // And that’s terry’s father throwing two more.

Look mummy! Terry was standing in the doorway of his parents bedroom.

His face was no longer green//

No don’t cheer His face was no longer green because it had turned blue.

It was no good taking Terry to the doctors or the hospital because they were frightened of him so his father took him to the police.

We know all about blue lights on top of our cars but we don’t know anything about blue faces said the policeman.

So there was only one place left that Terry’s father could take his little boy.

To the fire brigade.

Sorry said the fireman. Terry may’ve a blue face but we can’t help because  - he’s not on fire.

So Terry and his father walked sady home.

Now Terry’s parents were very tired because they had thrown so many wobblers and because they were very worried about the next morning = What colour would Terry’s face have changed to.

Yellow Terry’s face was a bright shining yellow.

Oh no! Terry’s mother was too upset even to throw a wobbler. With all these colours perhaps Terry is turning into a traffic light!she said.

Don’t be silly. Terrys father said. He hasn’t  turned red yet.

What could they to do with a little boy whose face changed colour every day?

And their troubles got worse the next day when Terry’s face changed from yellow to Red.

Terry is changing into a traffic light. Wailed terry’s mother.

But no. because the next day Terry’s face changed to purple and there are no purple traffic lights.

Now, what are fathers for?  Fathers are there to help,  to kiss mummies.

And to put things right when there are problems.

I’m taking Terry to see Pablo.

But Pablo a famous artist. Said Terry’s mother.

Exactly replied Terry’s father.  I m sure he will help 

Pablo looked at littleTerry’s yellow face and listened to Terry’s father’s idea.

No problem Said Pablo = and it wasn’t. 

Terry’s mother was walking around in circles with worry in the front room 

When Terry walked in.

// Now that is not throwing a wobblers sound is it. // it is a not throwing a wobbler sound it is a happy sound.

Terry mother was delighted.

Her  little boys face was back to normal!

With very curly red hair a pink face with little brown freckles, rosy red cheeks, and lovely blue eyes.

How did Pablo do that she asked Terry’s father.

It was easy he said.

Pablo is an artist and paints pictures.

So I gave him a photograph of how Terry used to look and Pablo painted over the yellow and coloured his face as it used to be.

So now his face can change colour under Pablos paint as much as likes and no one can see it!


That is the sound of a champagne cork popping as Terrys mother and father celebrated the end of Terrys problems!