Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

Mr Orange, Miss Apple, Mrs Pear, Madame Apricot, Mr and Mrs Peanut, and Lady Grapefruit. - 4yrs +

September 22, 2022 Bernard King Season 1 Episode 99
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
Mr Orange, Miss Apple, Mrs Pear, Madame Apricot, Mr and Mrs Peanut, and Lady Grapefruit. - 4yrs +
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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5yrs +
Everyone in Fruity Village is happy.  Until Mr Maggot arrives!

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Mr Orange, Miss Apple, Mrs pear, Madame Apricot, Mr and Mrs peanut, Lady  Grapefruit.

Mr Orange, Miss Apple, Mrs pear, Madame Apricot, Mr and Mrs peanut, Lady  Grapefruit.

You might think these people are named after fruit in the title of this story. Well they are not named after fruit at all because, those are their real names.

And the story is about them

And they all live in a village called Fruity Village.

Yes Mr Orange really is Mr Orange, Miss Apple is really called Miss Apple, in fact everyone who lives in Fruity Village is called by a fruit for a very good reason. It is because they grow that fruit.

Mrs Pear grows pears, Madame Apricot grows apricots. And because everyone in the village grows fruit, the village is called Fruity Village.

Which is a big big advantage, if someone wants some pears, he knocks on Mrs Pears door and in minutes has a bag full of juicy yellow pears, and if lady grapefruit want some apples she just has to ask miss apple.

And so, the people of the village, never have to go to a supermarket or a shop to buy fruit.

And Madam Apricot lives next door to Mr and Mrs Peanut. Now that is a funny name isn’t it?

But Mr and Mrs Peanut have got two daughters. And these two daughters are twins. You know what twins are don’t you?

They are two babies that are born at almost the same time.

And twin babies very often look exactly the same as each other.

And Mr and Mrs Peanut’s twins were like that - exactly the same.

You could not tell one from the other.

So Mrs Peanut decided to call the first twin Esmeralda. And she decide to call the second twin Esmeralda as well.

Now you may think it is silly to give her children the same name but Mrs 

Peanut was very clever.

When she called - Esmeralda! Both the twins came running, so she never had call the second twin.

Which made her life much easier.

But that’s nothing to do with the story so we will go back to fruity village.

What is to do with the story is the fact that everyone in the village was very rich.

Because with so much lovely fruit everywhere people came to the village from all the big towns to buy the villagers fruit because it was so tasty and clean.

The fruit was so clean because villagers like Mrs Plum used to go to her orchard every day and polish all the plums on all her trees.

And that was when the problem started.//

On the Wednesday, she was not sure, be she thought, when she counted, four of her big blue juicy plums were missing and on the Friday she discovered another five had vanished from her trees.

Do you know? Cried Miss Apple.

I have the same thing happening. I have lost over ten apples in a week.

Mr Orange, Madam Apricot and Lady Grapefruit were all twisting their handkerchiefs with worry as well because they all also lost some of their fruit.

Someone was stealing the villagers lovely fruit.

Why does someone steal our fruit when we give it to each other they cried?

Because, said the Mayor, it must be someone from outside the village.

Now the Mayor is the man in charge of the village and for a week he stood in the entrance of the village, every night, to catch whoever it who was stealing the fruit.

I’m still loosing my plums cried Mrs Plum. If it goes on like this I shall have no grapefruits left! Splurged Lady Grapefruit.

So said the Mayor the thief must be someone in the village. And so, for the first time ever the villagers started to watch each other.

Which wasn’t very nice was it?

And then one Charlie Maggot was eating an apple in his front garden.

Now Mr and Mrs Maggot and their two children’s had moved into the village a few weeks ago.

Now the Mayor thought if the Maggots haven’t got an orchard how come one of their children, little Charlie, is eating an apple?

Where did you get that apple from theMayor asked little Charlie.

From my daddy said Charlie.

Where did you get the apple from asked theMayor to Charlie’s daddy.

Off an apple tree said Mr Maggot.

You can’t take apples off other peoples trees! Said the Mayor

Oh yes I can said Mr Maggot. And if you try and stop me .... I will biff you.

Now the Mayor did not want to be biffed and neither did any of the other villagers and so more and more of their fruit was taken by all the Maggot family. Even little Charlie Maggot was seen swinging from a pear tree.

We don’t want to be biffed, but it’s got to stop! Cried the villagers.

And then the Mayor held a meeting of all the villager in the village hall.

We have got Maggots! He said. Yes! Said the villagers.

We have not only got the maggots that eat our fruit we have got human Maggots that steal it.

Yes, said the villagers and it’s got to stop.

What do you do when you’ve maggots and insects crawling on your fruit? he asked.

We spray them! Shouted the villagers.

You spray them with what? Shouted the mayor.

We spray them with yuck yuck! Yelled the villagers.

Then  go and spray Mr and Mrs Maggot with yuck yuck.

And when Mr Maggot was covered in yuck yuck, he shouted to his family.

This yuck yuck is horrible we have got to get out of here. 

And the family picked up their suitcases and ran out of the village

And the villagers cheered, and cheered, and cheered.

And were able to restart their happy and fruity life.

Now I bet you are wondering what yuck yuck is.

Well, if you take a box and when you smell something really nasty, you put in in your box and when the box is nearly full, you mix all the nasties together. Then when you open the box the next time and sniff, you will shout yuck yuck! And close the lid. Then you will know you have made some yuck yuck.