Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

Oh,oh! Benjamin Has Got The Choc Chocs! 5yrs +

October 03, 2022 Bernard King Season 1 Episode 100
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
Oh,oh! Benjamin Has Got The Choc Chocs! 5yrs +
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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Yes, and now he really is in trouble!

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Ho ho, Benjamin’s got the choc chocs!

Benjamin loved going to the supermarket with his mother. 

All the cars in the car park buzzing around, all the mothers and fathers children rushing about, the music and all the coloured posters inside made his eyes open wide and his mouth sunshine into big, big smile.

 When he saw his mother putting shopping bags in the car, he knew they would be going to the supermarket and could not wait to be strapped into his special child seat in the back of the car.

He was too small to push the big shopping trolley so he would walk beside it, holding on to it tightly making sure his mother was pushing in the right direction,

And, when his mother stopped by the shelves that had the cakes he knew she was going to buy him a Jam roll poly. A jam roll poly was a long cake  with red jam in the middle. It was made by spreading the jam over the cake and then rolling it up until the jam was a circle in the  middle, Benjamin though it was the best cake in the world.

Sometimes he would stop by a brightly coloured box of biscuits or 

cakes and run his little fingers over the writing and colours of the box. And then sometimes, do you know what he did?

If the box was really brightly coloured he would pick it off the shelf and put it in his mother’s trolly. Then, when his mother got home she found she had a box of biscuits that she did not think she had bought.

But things got worse. 

Not only did Benjamin put things in his mothers trolly. He would put them in other people’s trollies and the manager of the supermarket was scratching his head wondering why so many his costumers kept bring back shopping they said they had not wanted.

Now Benjamin had one place in the supermarket he absolutely adored.

Wow! When he came to the sweetie shelves!  Wow! All those chocolate bars. All those lollipops, all those toffees. Wow!  He would just stand there, gazing at the rows and rows of delicious goodies.

So, of course he dropped two chocolate bars and two lollypops into his mothers trolly.

When they got home his mother scratched her head like the manager of the supermarket. She had not picked any sweeties up. And so Benjamin for the next week was allowed three lollipops.

But on the next visit to the supermarket, just as he was about to drop a chocolate bar into the trolly.


His mothers hand shot out and took the chocolate bar away.

If you ever put anything in my trolly again she snapped, I shall never bring you shopping with me again.

And so for the next two times they went to the supermarket Benjamin kept his hands pushed well down into his pockets in case they tried to pick something up and pop it into his mother’s trolley


It was the third time his mother had taken him shopping and he was standing in front of the sweetie shelves.

He could not stop himself! One of his hands came out of his pocket and picked up a chocolate bar//

His mother was not looking so he could drop into the trolly and hope she would not notice.

But she certainly would notice when they got home.

Soo… instead of dropping the chocolate into the trolley - he pushed it into his trouser pocket.

And as he had two pockets he could put three lollipops in the other one - which he did.

When he got home he went up to his bedroom and carefully put the chocolate bar and the three lollipops on the table next to his bed.

Ben jam in!

Benjamin was having his tea in the kitchen and his mother was shouting from his bedroom.

Where did you get those sweets?

Benjamin had run up the stairs and was standing in the doorway of his bedroom.

From the supermarket. He said.

How did you pay for them? His mother was picking the sweets up from the table.

I didn’t have any money, he said. And as I am not allowed to put anything your trolley - I put them in my pocket/

Right! Said his mother get  into the car.

Where are we going? Benjamin cried.

You will see said his mother as she strapped him in his seat the car.

The three lollipops and the chocolate bar were on the desk of the manager the supermarket.

Benjamin’s mother had explained to the manager how Benjamin had put the sweets in his pocket and left the supermarket without paying for them.

But that’s stealing, scowled the manager.

What’s stealing?  asked Benjamin.

It is taking something that belongs to someone else without paying for it.

The manager looked down sternly at little Benjamin.

Big tears rolled down Benjamin’s cheeks. He had done something very very wrong. 

As they have not been paid for - then I shall take the sweets back. The manager scooped up the chocolate bar and the three lollipops and put them a drawer.

As Benjamin did not know he was stealing. We will say no more about it this time. But you do it again Benjamin - I shall call the police//

The police!

Benjamin cried all the way back to the car, all the way back into his house, all the way up the stairs to his bedroom, and all the afternoon on his bed.

Benjamin - it’s tea time.

Feeling very fed up, Benjamin stomped down the stairs//

Do you know how to stomp?

Well instead of just putting your foot on the stair you bang it down//

Like that.//

And like that.

And if you do it all the way down the stairs It lets everyone know you are not very happy.

The first thing he saw on the table was his favourite cake, We know what that is don’t we?

Yes a Jam Roly-poly.//

That’s a jam Roly-poly sound.

Benjamin started to cheer up at least he thought, I shall have some of my favourite cake.

His mother cut a big slice and passed it to his father.

Then she cut another big slice and put it on her plate.

Then, she put down the knife and both his mother and father started to eat the Jam Roly- poly.

Where’s my Roly-poly? wailed Benjamin.

You have been naughty said his father, so, you shall not have any.

And for the whole week his mother and father ate the Roly-poly

cake without give Benjamin even one crumb.

And to this day, Benjamin has never taken anything from anywhere without paying for it.