Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

How To Wake Up Daddy. 3 yrs +

October 24, 2022 Bernard King
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
How To Wake Up Daddy. 3 yrs +
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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How to wake your daddy up with  banana!

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How to Wake Up Daddy!

This story is for children who are three years old. If you are older than three you can still listen to it, but I bet you will know what I am going to say.

F/X slide whistle down.

Now, that’s a funny noise isn’t it?

F/X slide whistle down.

But I don’t know where it is coming from 


Do you?


Is it coming from your toy cupboard?


Don’t think so


Or from under your bed?

F/X twice.

I wish it would stop

F/X three times

Now I think that that’s enough!

Shall we give a bonk?

OK lets give it a bonk.

F.X slide whistle down with bonk.

There that was a good bonk wasn’t it?

Do you know what I gave it a bonk with? A banana.

I gave it a bonk with a banana because I think it is fun to give something a bonk with a banana don’t you?

Shall we do it again?


F/X now that is another sound.


That is the sound of a daddy sleeping.

Shall we wake him up?

Shall we wake him up by giving him a biff  - with a banana?

Shall we?


F/X slide thistledown banana biff and snoring tops  with and Ouch.

That was a hoot wasn’t it?

Do you know what a hoot is? A hoot is when you laugh so much you hoot!


And you can laugh another way as well.

F/X giggle

If you think that funny it’s even funnier when you know what it is called when you do that.


It’s called a giggle. Now that’s a funny word isn’t it. In fact if you say giggle- it makes you giggle.

Babies giggle and girls giggle when you tickle them.

Have you ever tickled anything?

When you tickle someone you creep up to them very quietly and with the tip of you finger you waggle it in their ear!


It is good fun to creep up to your mummy when she is asleep and give a tickle in her ear.

I am sure she will wake up laughing.


Like that.

 Now if you heard this sound// water running.

Where do you think you would be?

Ill play it again and you have a think.


It is the sound water running isn’t it?

Now, where does water run?


Well you would not be in bed would you? Because water does not run  in your bed.

And you would not be watching your favourite programme on tv because there is no water in your tv room.

So have you worked out where you would be when you  hear this sound?


You would be in your bathroom!

Now if you heard this.

// Car hooting.

You would probably be in a car.


And that is the sound of you eating your cornflakes.

Shall we play another funny sound?


That is the sound you scratching your nose!

So you see when ever you do something or wherever you go there is always a sound.

I shall now play a sound you have heard any times.

// applause.

It’s people clapping isn’t it?

Because they like something they have seen


And that’s people booing.

Because they don’t like something they have seen.

Now we have listened to a lot of sounds in this story haven’t we?

But do you know how we were able to listen?

Because we have two things stuck on the side of our heads

You look in a mirror and you will see them.

In fact they are what you tickled when you woke your mummy up.

They are called ears.

And we hear through our ears!

Now if you did not have any ears this is what you would hear.//


So you must take care of our ears mustn’t we?.

You must keep them clean and wash the every day.

And it would be a good idea if, when you wake up every morning you said Hello ears. Then you would know they are working alright and they would be happy because you were talking to them?

So now you know how you can hear things and what your ears are for and how to look after them don’t you?

So, do you know what I’m going to do now?

I am going to use my ears to listen to some music.