Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

The Fairy In The Wizard's Garden. 5yrs +

November 27, 2022 Bernard King
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +
The Fairy In The Wizard's Garden. 5yrs +
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs + +
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Fairy Esmerelda solves a big problem for the Wizard and Mr Gnome!

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The Fairy In the Wizard’s garden.

The Wizard had a fantasticalisimo garden. Do you know what fantasticalisimo means?

Well fantasticalisimo is a word I have made up. Because the Wizard’s garden was so lovely, no it was better than lovely, it was great, no it was better than great, it was amazing, no it ws better than amazing, it was fantastic, no it was better than fantastic and as there is no word better than fantastic I have had to make one up and so the Wizard’s garden was fantasticalisimo.

Now, when you have a fantasticalisimo garden you have to have someone to look after it, don’t you?

Esmerelda, that’s the name of the fairy the Wizard was lucky enough to have looking after his garden.

Now all fairies are very clever but Esmerelda was extra clever.

You see in magic land the Wizards and witches and dragons and fairies and pixies used to grow in their gardens vegetables like squechies, wobblybreads, and dandy-pod, and fruit like, whirlywhats, gigglytops, creamy bobs, and jammywhacers,

Now you have never heard of any of those vegetables and fruits so don’t worry, they are only in Magicland and you will never see them.

Now Esmerelda knew that potatoes tasted much better than squechies and peaches tasted much better than jammywhackers and so Esmerelda grew all the vegeables and fruit that we eat in the Wizards garden.

The Wizard was delighted to have so much food that tasted so much better than Magicland food.

And he though Esmerelda was the cleverest fairy in the whole world.

But what about the vegetables and the fruit?

Well, if I tell you the Wizard’s raspberries were the biggest, his potatoes the tastiest, and his cucumbers the longest in the world. You will know everything in the in the Wizard’s garden was fantsticalisomo.

But I have told you that already.

Now in Magicland when things are the biggest the tastiest and the longest, the vegetables are so happy, do you know what they do?

They sing!


So all the fruit and vegetables in the Wizards Garden were  happy.

And when fruit and vegetables are happy in Magicland they  do something quite amazing,

They all sing together!

And fairy Esmerelda and the Wizard would sit on the balcony  at the back his house listening every afternoon to the concert in his garden!

His turnips wold trumpet.//

His damsons would drum//

His cabbages would chatter//

His peas would pop pop//

His raspberries would raspberry//

His apples would applaude//

His pears would pant//

His oranges would organ//

Now with all this going on every afternoon in the Wizards garden his garden was a very noisy place.

Which did not matter at all until Mr Gnome moved next door.

Now we all know that garden gnomes like to fish, because so many sit on their stools in people’s gardens holding fishing rods.

And Mr gnome used to fish every afternoon in his garden next door.

But not only did Mr Gnome never catch any fish but from the noise of the vegetable and fruit in the Wizard’s garden the only thing caught was a headache.

Oh dear. Said the wizard I’m so sorry.

Oh dear said Esmerelda I am so sorry.

And no-one knew  what to do.

We can’t stop the vegetables and fruit singing said the Wizard.

I can’t catch any fish and I’ve got a headache said the gnome.

And so the problem would have gone one but for clever fairy Esmerelda.

Yu see at the bottom of the Wizard’s garden the was a tall tree. And it was called a weeping willow tree. Now it was called a weeping willow because it used to weep. Now weeping is like crying and when the willow weeped the tears would Fall on the grass below the willow and the grass used to get fed up being weeped on because they’re always wet.

So Esmerelda would go down with a bucket when the willow started weeping and catch the tears to keep the grass dry.

But today, as she was gong to the willow, carrying her bucket, she had a great idea.

She leaned over the fence and called to Mr Gnome who was trying to fish in the middle of his lawn.

And within minutes the problem was solved.

The wizard was happy the vegetables and fruit were singing happily Esmerelda was happy and the gnome was happy.


Because the gnome could now no longer hear the noise from the wizard’s garden.


Because he had Esmerelda’s bucket over his head!