What's Next, Los Angeles? with Mike Bonin

Voices of the Unhoused

November 17, 2020
What's Next, Los Angeles? with Mike Bonin
Voices of the Unhoused
Show Notes

Tens of thousands of people are living -- and many of them are dying -- on our streets. Homelessness is an epic humanitarian crisis, and we are not going to solve it unless we hear from people who are living it. In this episode, Mike talks with: Theo Henderson, a former schoolteacher who has been unhoused for 7 years, and hosts the "We the Unhoused" podcast; Sage Johnson, who has unhoused for 7 years in her late teens and early 20s before securing permanent housing, and who currently advocates for policy change with the LA Coalition to End Youth Homelessness (LACEYH).


We the Unhoused podcast:

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LA Times Column: When homeless people tell their own stories, we should listen and not turn away by Nita Lelyveld

Invisible People: Homeless Man Launches Podcast, Gives Voice to Unhoused People

More info on the proposed ordinance we mention that would ban sleeping in certain areas:


Info on Commission on Lived Experience with Homelessness:

Ten things LA can do to end homelessness: