MAAS Monthly
It's All About the People
It's All About the People 31:05 Special Episode - State Representative Jeff Yaroch Talks About the FY22 Budget 30:43 Unexpected Nightmares: A Paramedic attacked and stabbed on duty describes the hurdles of recovering from PTSD 25:05 Special Episode: MDHHS Director Elizabeth Hertel Outlines Her Vision for Healthcare in Michigan 17:51 EMS Week with Special Guest, Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrest 13:03 The Data Kingpins 53:13 I've Got the Watch 43:10 Advocating for Rural Health Care 36:09 What's New in EMS Education? 26:30 Special Episode: EMS Agency COVID-19 Vaccination Program 24:30 Special Episode: Your Questions Answered About the COVID-19 Vaccine 22:02 Did Someone Say Guru? 56:52 If Not Us, Then Whom? 39:53 What is MAAS? 30:51