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The Intuitive Diabetic Podcast: Intuitive Eating, Diabetes, Non Diet, HAES

Lindsay Sarson, R.H.N

I'm Lindsay Sarson, Type 1 Diabetic, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and professionally trained Intuitive Eating and Body Image Specialist. On this podcast we tackle all things health, wellness and diabetes using a health at at every size, non-diet, intuitive eating and holistic approach to living well. This podcast is for you if you're living with diabetes, are tired of diets and restriction, want to improve your relationship with food and your body while also supporting your health and well being - diabetes included. The intuitive diabetic podcast takes a different look at health and wellness while living with diabetes. We are dedicated to increasing your food and body autonomy, and to helping you drop the guilt and pressures that hold you back from thriving in your now skin.

Recent Episodes

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