1.16 Interview with Jordan Bolay / Dungeons and Dragons
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Teachin' Books
1.16 Interview with Jordan Bolay / Dungeons and Dragons
Mar 16, 2021 Season 1 Episode 16

It's heeeeeere! I'm so excited to share this Teachin' Books episode on Dungeons and Dragons, featuring Dr. Jordan Bolay, who is an instructor of English at Pearson College UWC.

Even if you're not a DnD player, I think you'll like our chat! We get into: DnD as an experiential learning practice, and as a text to be studied in literature classes (plus, as a language-learning tool); games and play in the classroom; and roleplay as a method to teach issues around ethics, empathy, and ecological justice. 

And if you're an instructor who is interested in using DnD in your classes, Jordan shares his three-week plan and lays out the preparations, logistics, and challenges of teachin' with DnD. Thank you, Jordan!

The podcast music is by Dyalla Swain, whose work you can find here. The podcast graphics are by @muskrathands.

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 **The transcript for this episode is available here.**