The 21st Century Change Agent

E19: Stacey Gordon & Dr Shelton Goode - The Future Of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

March 26, 2021 Baiba Ziga Season 1 Episode 19
The 21st Century Change Agent
E19: Stacey Gordon & Dr Shelton Goode - The Future Of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
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I cannot believe that I am saying this, BUT but this is the final guest episode for season one of this podcast! This episode is the celebration of this whole season. So today we will be bringing all those intersections and levels and layers that make us, that we have been dissecting and digging deep into throughout the season, together.

2020 has been a year of finally giving DEI conversations the airtime they deserve, however we cannot always wait for a crisis before engaging in these conversations. But, before we see any progress, we need to come to terms with how we got to where we are today. We need to understand the ineffectiveness of one-off initiatives like hiring a head of D&I and implementing a standalone unconscious bias training. So, what will it take for us to to get where we need to go?

For that, I invited two expectational guests to join me: Stacey Gordon and Dr Shelton Goode. Stacey is a Founder and Chief Diversity Strategist at Rework Work, she is also a highly regarded public speaker, a Linked In Instructor and has just written a book called Unbias, that comes out on 31st March and is available for pre-order.

Dr Shelton Goode is the Founder and President of Icarus Consulting, he has held Chief Diversity Officer roles at various companies, has been named the TOP 10 D&I trailblazer by Forbes and has written a number of books, of which the latest is due to be published. 
On this episode you will hear:

1) The current state of D&I: Is there a conscious effort to make an impact?
2) Not 'another thing': How do we mainstream D&I?
3) The D&I training & education
4) The 'diverse' role of a Chief Diversity Officer.
5) Reimagining workplaces: What does the world beyond this look like?

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Why Diversity & Inclusion?
What prompted you to write your book?
Diversity & Inclusion in today's workplace: is there a conscious effort to make an impact?
Are people listening more now?
Shame vs guilt
How do we mainstream Diversity and Inclusion work?
Diversity & Inclusion training and education
The 'diverse' role of a Chief Diversity Officer
What does the future workplace look like?