The Product-Cast
The Candle Brand with Christina Brand
The Product-Cast
The Candle Brand with Christina Brand
Feb 24, 2021 Season 1 Episode 24
Gift of the Year

Founded in 2018 and having seen incredible growth and success since, we talk to the inspirational Christina Brand, founder of The Candle Brand and recent winner of several Gift of the Year awards; Home Fragrance, Bath Beauty & Spa and one of our 'new for 2020' awards, My Gift of All Time celebrating those flagship, hero products that all suppliers have. Learn about The Candle Brands humble beginnings and exciting growth, along with how Christina and her team are changing the candle game when it comes to responsible and ethical ingredients and packaging.

 Welcome to the Product-Cast, aka the Prod-Cast, brought to you by Gift of the Year and supported by the Giftware Association. The podcast shines a spotlight on the UK’s thriving gift industry, providing insight into all aspects of the creative and sales process, from concept to retail and everything in between.

Each week you will meet a new key player from retail or supply and learn about their role within their business, their insights on the industry and, of course, to talk about their entry or previous winner in the Gift of the Year awards.

The Prod-Cast is hosted by Alex Ryan - a marketing consultant and a gift/product marketing expert having spent 6 years as Head of Marketing at Paladone Products Ltd before launching his own agency, Marketing 101.

The Gift of the Year awards are the most highly respected industry accolades, aimed at recognising the best new products, talent and inspiration in our industry each year.

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