The Product-Cast
Healthcare Companion Start-up with Linda Goodchild
Healthcare Companion Start-up with Linda Goodchild 41:24 Kikkerland with Andy McLellan 40:44 Online Marketplaces with Stuart Lorimer 45:04 Better B2B Sales with Alan Cheesley, Flow Online 49:41 LinkedIn for Business with David Glenwright, JC Social Media 54:48 LIVE from the London Stationery Show - Stationery Supplies with Sarah Laker 29:06 LIVE from the London Stationery Show - VENT for Change with Evan Lewis 36:20 Crowdfunding with Courtney Wood 58:32 LIVE on stage at Autumn Fair 43:49 Products of Change with Helena Mansell-Stopher 53:02 Creative Industry Association with Craig De Souza 41:43 British Craft Trade Fair with Margeret Bunn 45:19 Beevive with Faye Whitley 27:34 Hyve Group & Autumn Fair with Julie Driscoll & Karin Hausmann 42:57 Stephen Spencer + Associates with Stephen Spencer 45:47 Whiz Kid Games with Heather Watherstone 30:27 Resilient Retail Club with Catherine Erdly 45:08 Buy-From with Louise Welsby 41:19 Design Pit with Gareth Robertson 40:36 Small Business Collaborative with Therese Oertenblad 44:22 The Bottled Baking Co with Greg Fraser 35:09 Giving & Living Show with Mike Anderson 36:43 Blue Eyed Sun with Jeremy Corner 1:02:27 London Stationery Show with Alex Butler 34:04 Craft & Crumb with Louise Nicholson 37:09