Baseball and BBQ

Baseball and BBQ Episode #79: Tim Kurkjian of ESPN and Kevin Sandridge of BBQ Beat

December 26, 2020 Len & Jeff Season 3 Episode 79
Baseball and BBQ
Baseball and BBQ Episode #79: Tim Kurkjian of ESPN and Kevin Sandridge of BBQ Beat
Show Notes

 Episode 79 is our holiday present to you, our wonderful listeners.

Tim Kurkjian is a name you immediately associate with baseball.  He is is a Major League Baseball analyst on ESPN's Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter. He is also a contributor to ESPN The Magazine and  Before joining ESPN he was a senior writer for Sports Illustrated.  He has wonderful stories to share, including one involving Cal Ripken Jr.  During our conversation he mentions the thrill he gets from the opportunity to sit alongside former Major League players and we in turn get a thrill from speaking with him.

Kevin Sandridge is the outstanding host of the BBQ Beat podcast.  He is a lover of all things barbecue and enjoys providing listeners with tons of information from the world of barbecue.  This includes talks on products, recipes, and introducing his audience to the eclectic mix of people associated with barbecue.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Kevin.  For more on Kevin and barbecue go to

The episode includes a barbecue rant and a three year anniversary greeting from Ray Sheehan, author of the book, Award-Winning BBQ Sauces and How to Use Them:  The Secret Ingredient to Next-Level Smoking.

We recommend you go to Fifth & Cherry, for wonderful cutting boards and for grill tools and clothing for barbecue and baseball fans and the Pandemic Baseball Book Club,  to find many of the wonderful books we have featured as well as some additional swag.  

We conclude the show with the song, "Ace & Bobo" from our friends, the musician and the poet, Dave Dresser and Shel Krakofsky.

We truly appreciate our listeners and hope that all of you are staying safe.

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