Baseball and BBQ

Baseball and BBQ Episode #83: Author, Thomas Gilbert & Paulie Gee of Paulie Gee's Pizzeria

January 23, 2021 Season 4 Episode 83
Baseball and BBQ
Baseball and BBQ Episode #83: Author, Thomas Gilbert & Paulie Gee of Paulie Gee's Pizzeria
Show Notes

Episode 83 has two phenomenal guests with so much to say that we did not have the heart to end the interviews, so we split the conversations into two parts.

Thomas W. Gilbert is the author of How Baseball Happened:  Outrageous Lies Exposed!  The True Story Revealed.  The book shatters the many myths which so many of us believe are true on baseball's origins, and it provides fascinating stories about its many true founders.  How this great game came to be the sport we love today is quite interesting and wonderful.  Thomas takes us back through time and it is a journey you will thoroughly enjoy.  Part two is next and includes plenty of barbecue talk.

Paulie Gee took some time to discover his true passion, but once he discovered it, he never looked back.  In just 10 years he has become a name synonymous with absolutely delicious pizza.  The high heat which grills produce is perfect for pizza making and Paulie is considered one of the best.  He says he was nervous about coming on since we have had many well known guests, but Paulie does not realize how excited we were to have him on.  Pizza, barbecue, and baseball are among the things we discuss, but you get the feeling there is not much he cannot talk about with an infectious passion.  Come back for part two, which if you can believe it will be even better.

We once again conclude the show with the beautiful song, "Baseball Always Brings You Home" from the musician, Dave Dresser and the poet, Shel Krakofsky.

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We truly appreciate our listeners and hope that all of you are staying safe.
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