Baseball and BBQ

Baseball and BBQ Episode #91: Triple Play: Grubbs part 2, Brett Mandel of and Official Scorer, Stew Thornley

April 24, 2021 Len & Jeff Season 4 Episode 91
Baseball and BBQ
Baseball and BBQ Episode #91: Triple Play: Grubbs part 2, Brett Mandel of and Official Scorer, Stew Thornley
Show Notes

Take three awesome guests, mix in two great guest hosts, and the result is an incredible episode, 91

James Grubbs had so many wonderful things to say that we split the conversation into two parts so as not to miss a single word.  Known as Grubbs to millions of Netflix subscribers for his role on their eight-part reality series, The American Barbecue Showdown.  You might think being on a hit show would change him and perhaps give him a big head, but you would be wrong.  Grubbs is a down-to-earth pitmaster who loves talking about smoking meats and all things' food.  Grubbs provides wonderful insight into how the show was made and answers many of the questions we had after watching the Netflix show.  We may have initially learned about Grubbs from the show, but he is so much more than a personality filled guest on a reality show, and we had the pleasure of discovering that.  We are extremely fortunate to once again be joined by our guest co-host and outstanding pitmaster, Doug Scheiding who adds his own special flair.

Brett Mandel from the company, Baseball BBQ, is back to tell us about some very exciting new merchandise.  This is a fantastic company that shares our love for baseball and barbecue and uses that love in their great products.  Visit their website and purchase any of the numerous items that will be part of the conversation at your next barbecue.

Stew Thornley is an official scorer for the Minnesota Twins and he has many stories to tell and questions to answer. Add to that his being an author and his hobby of going to cemeteries, and you end up with a conversation that offers so much more than we ever could have hoped for. We barely scratched the surface of his very interesting life, but if you want to know more than go here We are extremely fortunate to be joined by guest co-host, Gary Mack who as usual adds an interesting perspective.

We conclude the show with the beautiful song, "Baseball Always Brings You Home" from the musician, Dave Dresser and the poet, Shel Krakofsky.

We recommend you go to Fifth & Cherry, for wonderful cutting boards and the Pandemic Baseball Book Club,  to find many of the wonderful books we have featured as well as some additional swag.

We truly appreciate our listeners and hope that all of you are staying safe.

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