Baseball and BBQ

Baseball and BBQ Episode #104: Erik Sherman, Author of Two Sides of Glory, Part 2 and Lee Ann Whippen, Champion Pitmaster

October 02, 2021 Len & Jeff Season 4 Episode 104
Baseball and BBQ
Baseball and BBQ Episode #104: Erik Sherman, Author of Two Sides of Glory, Part 2 and Lee Ann Whippen, Champion Pitmaster
Show Notes

Episode 104 features Part 2 with author, Erik Sherman and a visit with pitmaster extraordinaire, Lee Ann Whippen.  

Erik Sherman writes baseball books and he does that exceptionally well.  Whether the books are about one specific player or one specific team, Erik provides wonderful and unique perspectives which baseball fans will thoroughly enjoy.  His latest project will be a welcome addition to any baseball fans library.  In Two Sides of Glory:  The 1986 Boston Red Sox In Their Own Words, Erik provides a glimpse into something rarely seen.  Frequently, books are written about the winning teams, but how often does one have the chance to read about the losing team and learn of their feelings as well as finding out about things happening with their lives.  All of that and so much more is in Two Sides of Glory.  The 1986 Boston Red Sox lost game six to the New York Mets in an unforgettable and devastating fashion and then proceeded to lose game seven and had to watch as the New York Mets celebrated and prevented them from winning their first World Series in 68 years.  The team was made up of some of the most well-known and talented players to ever wear their team's laundry and the stories and lesser known facts will make this an interview you will enjoy about a book you will not be able to put-down until the last page.  Part one of the interview was good, but part two is even better. 

Lee Ann Whippen has found a way to combine her barbecuing skills, her ease in front of a camera, and her strong work ethic into a delicious recipe for success.  She developed her love of cooking barbecue from an early age, learning from her dad, and she has used that knowledge and love to become an extremely well-known and respected pitmaster.  As a competition cook she has won multiple world, national, and state barbecue championships.  On television, she has shone brightly on various competition shows, winning the premier season of BBQ Brawl on Food Network and defeating Bobby Flay on Throwdown with Bobby Flay.  She is also a restaurateur who has owned restaurants in Virginia, Illinois, and Florida.  She is a two-time finalist for the BBQ Hall of Fame and she has no qualms discussing being a woman pitmaster in a mostly male dominated field as well as the various effects it has had on her career.  She recently became an official ambassador for Pit Boss Grills.  With all of that going on, she still took the time to join us for a  wonderful conversation.          

We conclude the show with the beautiful song, "Ace and Bobo" from the musician, Dave Dresser and the poet, Shel Krakofsky.

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