Speak Up Louder

Diversity in Wellbeing Spaces with Jonelle Lewis

October 19, 2020 The OMPowerment Project Season 1 Episode 1
Speak Up Louder
Diversity in Wellbeing Spaces with Jonelle Lewis
Show Notes

Episode Summary:
In this first episode, we are delighted to be joined by the wonderful Jonelle Lewis. We discuss belonging and inclusion in yoga and wellness spaces, the importance of self-study and steps to taking meaningful action, with particular attention to anti-racism work.

About Jonelle:
Be brave, be fierce, be free is Jonelle’s personal mantra and an invitation she extends to everyone who practices with her. She's passionate about movement & spiritual students which makes her an eternal student.

Jonelle dabbled with Ashtanga in 2004 when she was pregnant with her daughter Francesca. After a long break from yoga, in 2011 she began practicing with a purpose. While going through a difficult divorce she found her yoga practice really helped her get her life back. It was liberating, invigorating and healing.

In March 2014 she left London behind and went to India to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training. She’s completed over 1000 hours of training and is certified in Ashtanga, Hatha, Hot, Mandala, Qi Gong, Rocket, Vinyasa & Yin yoga. Jonelle teaches live & online classes, retreats & teacher trainings.

Her classes are set to an urban sound track which is reflective of her roots and her passion for music, creativity and fluidity in life. From growing up in Philadelphia, living in London, NYC, LA and travelling the world extensively she brings an international vibration and an authenticity into classes which are edgy and filled with a lot laughter. She enjoys teaching inclusive classes and firmly believes ‘Yoga is for EVERYBODY’.

Links to work:
Instagram: @jonelleyoga
Website: www.jonellelewis.com
Practice online:  https://movementformodernlife.com/yoga-teacher/jonellelewis

Thank you  for listening to Speak Up Louder brought to you by The OMPowerment Project. Hosted by Sally Balfourth.  Special thanks goes to Julia Midland, Izzie Owens and Richard Balfourth. Music was produced by Sofia Papadopoulos with vocals by Ava Riby-Williams.

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