Banned Book Club

Banned Book Club: MAUS by Art Spiegelman - REVIEW

February 22, 2022 BannedBookClub Season 2 Episode 7
Banned Book Club
Banned Book Club: MAUS by Art Spiegelman - REVIEW
Show Notes

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In this episode we examine ‘Maus’, the recently banned Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel by Art Spiegelman. It tells the story of a son trying to reconnect with his father while the shadow of the Holocaust looms heavily in the background. By not hammering the inherent emotion of source material, ‘Maus’ inavedertantly becomes the most heart rending depiction of the Holocaust we’ve seen. Join us as we explore Speigelman’s masterpiece, and try to understand the reasons for it baffling ban.

0:58 Intro

2:12 Synopsis 

4:05 Why it got banned

5:30 The style of the novel

8:00 What the story is ACTUALLY about 

10:10 The many layers of Maus 

10:27 Midroll

12:50 The relationship between Vladek and Art 

15:20 Art Spiegelman’s Experience writing Maus

18:00 People’s misinterpretation of Maus 

20:05 Why Maus should be part of school curriculum 

21:30 The importance of reading banned books

23:11 Outro 

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