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Banned Book Club: Tropic Of Cancer by Henry Miller BOOK REVIEW

March 01, 2022 BannedBookClub Season 2 Episode 8
Banned Book Club
Banned Book Club: Tropic Of Cancer by Henry Miller BOOK REVIEW
Show Notes

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In this episode we tackle probably the most banned of the banned books we've covered so far - Henry Miller's infamous "Tropic of Cancer". It literally got people sent to jail. This one breaks every rule of polite society, and also every rule in the fiction writing handbook; no plot, no structure, mountains of adjectives, pages long plunges into intangibles, and overall vulgar self indulgence. But that’s kind of the point. Join us and find out why, despite all that, TOC remains in so many 'top 100 books of all time' lists.

1:30 Intro
3:35 About the Author & Novel 
5:15 Why it’s banned 
6:30 Who really is Arthur Miller?
9:10 Rafaella’s review 
13:00 Nick’s Review / The writing style of Miller 
16:00 Arthur Rimbaud, Apollo, and Dionysus
17:15 Nietzche on artistic frenzy 
20:15 Does this novel work in this style? 
20:35 Midroll
22:40 Bukowski vs. Miller 
24:10 Stream of consciousness vs simple writing 
27:15 Reinventing the self
29:30 Why it’s important to read Tropic of Cancer
30:22 Was Henry Miller truly free? 
32:13 Outro

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