Banned Book Club

Banned Book Club: Dune by Frank Herbert

November 12, 2021 BannedBookClub Season 2 Episode 2
Banned Book Club
Banned Book Club: Dune by Frank Herbert
Show Notes

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This episode covers Frank Herbert’s “Dune”, the seminal sci-fi novel that inspired Star Wars and shaped the genre as we know it today. Dune follows young Paul Atreides as he ascends from destitution to the galactic throne. To do this he must navigate the hostile desert environment of Arrakis, as well as a precarious political landscape of feudal houses vying for control of the “spice” found on the planet. This is a classic hero’s journey set in an expertly detailed world, but does Dune subvert its sci-fi conventions and move readers towards something greater? Does it even need to?

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