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Banned Book Club: The Stranger by Albert Camus - REVIEW

February 01, 2022 BannedBookClub Season 2 Episode 6
Banned Book Club
Banned Book Club: The Stranger by Albert Camus - REVIEW
Show Notes

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In this episode we investigate “The Stranger” - Albert Camus’ most famous and most controversial novel. The story, really a prolonged meditation on the death of meaning — follows Mersault - an unassuming businessman who’s passivity knows no bounds. But his apathetic approach to life quickly takes him to the edge of the law, of common morality, and of the society he’s born into; culminating in a murder trial that he’s destined to lose. Join us as we try to understand Mersault, and all the “isms” that this novel made famous - existentialism, moral relativism, nihilism, absurdism. It might be the case that these “isms” have shaped the default way most of us see the world today. Don’t underestimate the influence of banned books.

1:50 Intro
2:50 Why this novel is important
4:50 About Albert Camus
8:50 About the novel / Meursault 
12:15 Why its banned
13:30 Camus’ style
17:52 Absurdism explained
18:11 Midroll
20:15 Camus’ relationship with God
23:00 Did Meursault feel remorse for what he had done?
26:15 The motif of heat/the sun
32:12 Is there meaning to life or is life truly absurd?
39:05 Morality, Ethics, and Truth 
41:40 Final Thoughts
42:43 Outro

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