Elite Dealers with Pim Roelofsen and special guest Conor Hyland

January 26, 2023 MEDDICC MEDIA Season 2 Episode 7
Elite Dealers with Pim Roelofsen and special guest Conor Hyland
Show Notes

Elite Dealers is a brand new show brought to you by our very own CRO, Pim Roelofsen, where he talks with leading sales professionals across the industry where they share their best deals and what made their deals so special.

In the second episode - Pim chats to Emerging Manager at GoCardless, Conor Hyland. 

Conor Hyland is an Emerging Manager at GoCardless, who has a 10-year career that has taken him across the globe.

Of his 10 years in the sales industry, 7 were spent in the Middle East. Conor’s first role was as a Community Affairs project manager with Microsoft, after which he would venture across to the Middle East. After starting as a Trade Development executive in Dubai for Enterprise Ireland, he would go on to have roles that led him to corporate training, revamping sales and GTM teams, and would speak at live events in front of over 400 people.

After finishing his time in the Middle East with LinkedIn, Conor then went back to Ireland to do his MBA before joining GoCardless after desiring to enter the fintech space.

Whether it was taking the plunge with Enterprise Ireland and moving to the Middle East or speaking to hundreds of people to train and revamp Go-To-Market teams, Conor Hyland has had a breadth of experience in his 10 years in sales 🗺

Currently at GoCardless as Emerging Manager, Conor has continued to add to this experience which has led him to work on his biggest deal. In this Elite Dealers episode, he breaks it down with a MEDDPICC analysis to show you how he managed to pull it off and what he could have improved  💳

Reflection is key during a sales career, but so is being fair to yourself and building up a thick skin as you drive for more and more success - which is why we love the below quote from Conor. 

“As the saying goes, we’re living for that 30%, the other 70% is losing so you have to have thick skin and be ready to get up and go again.” 

Conor shares some brilliant bits of advice for all salespeople in this must-listen episode 💭