MASTERS OF MEDDICC - Dick Dunkel - The Inventor of MEDDIC

April 07, 2021 Andy Whyte Season 1 Episode 4
MASTERS OF MEDDICC - Dick Dunkel - The Inventor of MEDDIC
Show Notes

Today on Masters of MEDDICC, I am joined Dick Dunkel, the creator of MEDDIC. 

Dick started his sales journey selling books door to door in college while studying civil engineering. His first professional sales job was with Xerox, followed by PTC. 

PTC would be where he came up with the six elements of MEDDIC. 

In this episode, Dick shares his experience from how he came up with MEDDIC through to how it has helped him shape his career, along with the tools he learned and carried onto future positions. 

One topic of particular interest is how Dick is using MEDDPICC at Celonis today to instill a qualification-focused sales process that helps sellers to remain on the right path and to get customer buy-in at every step. 

“When we lead as sellers, customers will follow”


[00:30] Introduction to Dick Dunkel 

[02:53] Moving from Xerox to PTC         

[04:26] What created a higher accountability environment at PTC?

[09:31] The seller’s mindset

[09:48] A fair exchange of value

[14:32] The very first MEDDIC implementation  

[17:41] Developing an intermediate sales training class

[21:54] Powerbase selling

[22:55] MEDDIC as a wide concept

[23:51] The correlation between the fastest-growing companies and how MEDDICC is deployed

[28:10] The small wins 

[30:52] Managing the extra layers  

[34:54] Pessimistic salespeople, but not when qualifying out


1.     Create a high accountability environment by starting at the top and allowing it to trickle down to the sales rep.

2.     Develop a fair exchange of value by, for example; singing an NDA in order to implement a free exchange of information

3.     Small victories lead to bigger victories; operate by taking small steps and implementing MEDDICC.

4.     The MEDDPICC checklist, a checklist you have to accomplish in that stage in order for you to advance.