Why every revenue team needs MEDDIC as a common language

September 11, 2021 Andy Whyte
Why every revenue team needs MEDDIC as a common language
Show Notes

The world's most elite sales teams use MEDDIC as a common language across their entire revenues in everything aspect of their engagements with their customers.

MEDDIC, or as it is more widely used today as MEDDICC or MEDDPICC is a qualification framework that helps revenue professionals to align their selling process in line with their customers buying process. Specifically, the Who, What, and How of the customer's buying process.

MEDDIC helps revenue teams to focus on the following key aspects and use one clear common language to communicate them across their revenue organization:
- The stakeholders: Who are they? What do they care about? What is their role?
- The challenges or goals that the customer is facing, how you propose to solve them, and the measurable impact of solving them
- The customer’s buying process. Right from how they make the decision to even enter into an evaluation process through to the processes they have to go through to move forward with your products or services, through to the subsequent upsells and renewals.

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