Let's Get Real

Authenticity at Work with Jenny Leman

October 03, 2022 Nina Simonds, PCC Season 4 Episode 403
Let's Get Real
Authenticity at Work with Jenny Leman
Show Notes

Jenny Leman is the President at CareerPlug, a software and service company that makes hiring easier for small and mid-size businesses.  Native to Texas, Jenny graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2004 and joined CareerPlug in 2017.   She works to build healthy and scalable internal systems to equip and empower the CareerPlug teams to bring the best for their clients.   In this conversation,  Jenny and I explored the trending topic of Quiet Quitting and what is most foundational in creating a workplace culture where people will thrive. Jenny also shared what identities matter most to her and what makes inner work so crucial to healthy and effective leadership.  The two of us also riffed about the power of tools such as The Hoffman Process and non-violent communication for creating personal and relational  transformation. 



Quiet Quitting

The Hoffman Process

Non-violent Communication 

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