Femme Financial Freedom
Stepping Into A New Reality
Femme Financial Freedom
Stepping Into A New Reality
Apr 12, 2021 Season 2 Episode 28
Jessica Giles

You are manifesting and creating in every moment. 

My intention through this podcast episode is to ensure that your manifestations are moving you toward the reality you desire to live in. 

Today I am sharing a unique 4 step process with you that will align your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and reality to the vision that you hold so dear in your heart. 

We are going to address: 

  • What is the new reality you are creating in vivid detail (I share my little known vision board hack here too!) 
  • What doesn’t make the cut in your new reality and how to elegantly assign tasks that aren’t in your genius zone
  • Who is she? The woman who is living your dream life (hint: she’s you, let’s introduce you to her) 
  • Where are your immediate upgrade opportunities today

SO much gold, don’t delay, delve in right away! 

Enjoy today’s episode and I can’t wait to hear of your insights and takeaways. 

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Here’s to creating your Femme Financial Freedom.

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