Femme Financial Freedom
The Secrets Of A 7 Figure Beauty Business
Femme Financial Freedom
The Secrets Of A 7 Figure Beauty Business
Sep 02, 2021 Season 2 Episode 49
Jessica Giles

Today I am absolutely delighted to have my first guest here on the Femme Financial Freedom podcast, Lauren Lappin! 

Lauren Lappin started her lash business in the spare room of her home in 2013, because she had a passion for lashes and noticed there were no specialty lash and brow salons in her local area.

She opened her commercial salon - Allure Lash and Beauty Bar in 2014, and hired her first employee three months after opening because she was booked out over a month in advance. Three months later, her employee was also booked out over a month in advance. She knew she needed to keep growing, so she moved to a larger location and started hiring more people...

By 2018, her lash salon was doing 7 figures in revenue, and employed a team of 8…. and she was only working in the business on clients for two days a week herself!

Lauren realised she had a passion for growing businesses as well as doing lashes, and is now helping other lash artists to both gain clients using Instagram (her speciality!), and to grow their teams and take their businesses more seriously.

Lauren is the author of “Seven Figure Lash Salon", is a 2020/21 NALA Award Winner, and has featured in various media outlets such as Professional Beauty, and Beauty Biz Magazine.

Today Lauren is kindly and generously sharing her amazing business journey and lessons with us! 

Tune in and enjoy! 

Be sure to connect with Lauren (and her amazing reels!) through Instagram below. 


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