Shameless Audacity

Episode 3 Dream Builders Part 2

July 23, 2021 Jessica Fernandez, PhD Season 1 Episode 3
Shameless Audacity
Episode 3 Dream Builders Part 2
Show Notes

In Part 1, we spoke about Joseph in Genesis 37 where his brothers tried to kill his dream by killing him. In that episode, we discussed 6 ways you can identify people in your life who kill your dreams, passions, and ideas. This episode, Part 2 Dream Builder, describes 8 ways to identify a Dream Builder:

  1. Dream builders are people of action (Genesis 39: 2-6)
  2. They help others accomplish dreams even though they haven’t accomplished their own (Genesis 40: 5-8, 14-15, 23)
  3. Dream builders tell you the truth even if it’s not what you want to hear! 
  4. They focus on solutions, not problems (Genesis 41: 33)
  5. Dream builders can see what others can’t see. They have vision.
  6. Dream builders focus on what you have now that can help you accomplish your dreams (Genesis 41: 35)
  7. Dream builders hold on to the vision even when the circumstances say otherwise (Genesis 42: 9)
  8. They speak life into your dreams and circumstances

Here are some questions to challenge you and encourage personal growth:

  • Do you want to fulfill God’s purpose for your life? 
  • Are you purposefully seeking out dream builders?
  • Are you a dream builder? 
  • Are you intentional about building the dreams of others?
  • Do you use your talents, abilities, knowledge, and resources to pour life into others’ dreams?

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