The Wrath of the iOtians

Interview with Sarah Tolmie, Author of All the Horses of Iceland

June 18, 2022 Jake and Ron Episode 44
The Wrath of the iOtians
Interview with Sarah Tolmie, Author of All the Horses of Iceland
Show Notes

Jake and Ron chat with the award winning poet and author Sarah Tolmie about her novella All the Horses of Iceland

Sarah Tolmie, the author of All of the Horses in Iceland, can be described in many ways:

Intelligent: She is a trained medievalist with advanced degrees from University of Toronto and Cambridge and is a professor at the University of Waterloo.

Versatile: Sarah is a published poet, author of short stories, novels and novellas. 

Unique: Her body of work is not easily classified. 

Resilient: As a mom to a new baby and toddler and a professor working diligently for tenure, Sarah wrote her novel, The Stone Boatmen, while riding on a bus during her long commute to and from work.

Inspiring: The Stone Boatmen was passed over by publishers for close to two years. As you’ll hear in this interview, Sarah decided to take incredible proactive steps on her own,  and soon afterward, she was a published writer. All struggling, unpublished writers should listen to Sarah tell this story.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these are the same characteristics for Icelandic Horses. Enjoy our discussion with Sarah about All the Horses of Iceland. We spoke to Sarah at her home in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada.

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