Black Women Amplified

What is your journey to Motherhood?

April 12, 2022 MonicaWisdom Season 1 Episode 16
Black Women Amplified
What is your journey to Motherhood?
Show Notes

How often has someone asked you, ‘When are you gonna have a baby?’ It is such a personal question. We ask each other like asking to pass the salt at dinner. 

When I was younger, it was a common question. In this episode of the podcast, I am examining that question and sharing my decision regarding motherhood. 

Whether you are a mama, auntie, or another iteration of a mother, we have an opportunity to start a new conversation to normalize all the individual choices women make when it comes to becoming a mother. 

Send this episode to your squad, and let us keep the conversation going. If you haven’t already, take a moment to listen to my interview with author Jayne Allen. Her insights on this subject are powerful and insightful. 

Love and Light, 
Monica Wisdom, 
Host, Black Women Amplified Podcast 

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