Space to Build

S2E6. Uncovering Confidence in Change with Kelly Ireland

March 24, 2021 Kelly Ireland Season 2 Episode 6
Space to Build
S2E6. Uncovering Confidence in Change with Kelly Ireland
Show Notes

Welcome back for another season of Space to Build, the podcast dedicated to the hard working women of construction.

This week, we have Kelly Ireland, a registered Master Plumber in Philadelphia.

We explore her journey through her apprenticeship, her experiences in the commercial sector and her new move to residential service work.  We dive into what building confidence has looked like for her through these different stages. 

She also gives us great tips on how to treat our plumbing and how to prep for service appointments as a homeowner or renter.

We also discuss some harder topics in this episode and the importance of setting clear boundaries upfront.

She also brings up an instance where someone took Instagram posts meant to be in good humor and twisted them into a nasty experience.  While it isn’t a common experience, it is a lesson to keep in mind as we share our work lives and personal lives on social media.

I would also like to throw out a disclaimer, for those not as familiar with construction terminology, there are words that can very easily turn into sex jokes.  If you are a parent who is looking to share this episode with your kid, then I would encourage you to listen to this episode on your own first.

Despite all these warnings, I appreciate having Kelly on this show.  She is a candid and bold person who made a career shift in the midst of the pandemic that has really elevated her career in construction.  I enjoyed learning about her experiences, and I hope you do too!


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