Space to Build

S2E9. Building for Community with Natalie Goodin

April 14, 2021 Natalie Goodin Season 2 Episode 9
Space to Build
S2E9. Building for Community with Natalie Goodin
Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of Space to Build, the podcast dedicated to the hard working women of construction.

Season 2 has been about building confidence and community. Ordinarily we look at building community in the sense of building your own network to help elevate your career. This week we are taking on a new angle. 

This episode our guest is Natalie Goodin.

Natalie is a midwest-based Architectural Designer with a background in nonprofit work and community design. She is an Associate AIA member, LEED Green Associate, and a past National AIAS Advocate. Her research and design work surrounding human-centered design has won her academic awards and earned her a spot in Beyond the Built Environment's Great Diverse Designers Library.

She shares her traditional and nontraditional roles in construction, how to change a clients design vision, and what identity means to our society.  Let's take a look at advocacy while we build our communities!

I had a great time with Natalie! Can’t wait to hear what you think! (Feel free to reach out to me via email or Instagram!)


You can find Natalie and Good Build Collective @goodbuildco @gnatalie_13!

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